10 Public Speaking Lessons From Prime Minister Narendra Modi From keeping the audience's attention to inspiring and mesmerizing them, There are a lot of speaking lessons that we can take from the Prime Minister

By Vanky Kenny Kataria

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Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi is an exceptional speaker and his speeches would make you a fan of his public speaking irrespective of your political views. Today, We would dive into some of the lessons we can learn from the honourable Prime Minister when it comes to delivering intriguing, engaging and mesmerizing speeches:

1. Using the Native Language to Connect With the Audience:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi starts the speech with the language, the audience speaks the most. So, If he is giving a speech in the state of Maharashtra, He will make sure that he makes use of Marathi. This is important for two factors: Firstly, People instantly get connected with the Prime Minister as he is speaking their language and secondly, This sends a message to the listeners that he cares enough to take out the time and put in the effort required to learn their language. This earns him even more respect from the crowd.

2. Giving Attention to Every Section of the Audience :

Mr Modi keeps moving his body laterally (sideways), so, that he can get eye contact with all the sections of the audience no matter where they are sitting. This keeps the crowd intrigued, engaged and excited. No one feels left out.

3. Making Use of Tone Variation to Share His Message:

Mr Modi uses tone variation to perfection (Point to Remember: Voice tone variation accounts for 38 per cent of communication and words only account for 7 per cent. The rest 55 per cent is the body language).

4. Making the Audience "The Star':

Mr Modi never makes the speech about himself. He makes the audience as the winners. For example: When he says- "Yeh jeet Modi ki jeet nahi hai, Yeh jeet 130 (Sava So) crore desh wasiyon ki jeet hai." (That translates to this victory is not mine, but, the victory of 130 crore people of India)

5. Using Trendy Examples to Make His Point:

Whether it may be using the "PUBG' reference while speaking to a young crowd at the "Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0' or may it be starting the speech by asking "How's the Josh?' when addressing film stars and the cinema fraternity, Mr Modi uses trendy and current topics to connect with his listeners. This helps him connect in a better manner with the audience and also shows that he is an "updated' speaker who knows what is going around the country and the world.

6. Positioning Himself as "one of us':

How do you feel when you are talking with your friend who supports the same IPL team as you do? Or how do you feel when you are talking to a fellow Ronaldo fan? I'm sure you would enjoy the conversation. The reason is simple. You have a common ground (mutual interest). The same goes for the Prime Minister. We love hearing him because he beautifully establishes common ground with himself and us (the listeners). He shares his struggles, stories which have elements in them to which we can resonate.

7. Giving Speeches Without Reading:

When Mr.Modi gives long speeches without reading any script, It makes the audience feel that he has worked hard for the speech and that he knows a great deal about the topic he is speaking on, so, he doesn't need a script to read from. This is an indication of a well-prepared a speaker who knows what he is talking about.

8. Motivating the Crowd:

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks, He inspires and motivates us by showing the brighter side of the things. There is a strong sense of optimism in his speeches and when a speaker like Mr Modi shares his positivity, We feel optimistic too. The reason behind this is that "Emotions are contagious' and we feel the same way as the speaker feels. So, If the speaker feels positive and full of optimism, We start to feel the same way.

9. Letting the Audience Respond and Allowing Them to Complete Their Reaction:

Prime Minister Modi is a brilliant orator who knows when to speak and when to take a pause. He doesn't take off like an express train with no stops. Rather, He invites people's reaction by taking small pauses during his speech. These pauses are the moments when you would see small applause gradually become a gigantic wave of claps and applause.

10. Using Hand Gestures to Signify the Message:

He uses his hand gestures beautifully to convey his point. Like locking and the intermingling of fingers when he is talking about a partnership program or about a program where he wants the involvement of the people as well as the government.

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