Tim Cook's 4 Tips To Success Tim Cook's career has provided aspiring leaders with a number of lessons on achieving and maintaining success. Here are four of his lessons that will help you be successful just like him.

By Kavya Pillai

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You need not be a tech-head to recognise this name, Tim Cook. Apple's CEO since 2011 has continued the legacy of Steve Jobs as a leader. Apple without a doubt is the biggest and most influential company. Jobs, the founder of the company, is an icon for many who dream to challenge the reach of technology and innovate in this space. Cook not only resumed the role of the CEO but also the heavy mantle of a much-loved innovator.

Cook surpassed everyone's expectations and has proven to be perhaps the best possible leader Apple could need. Since his time as CEO, Cook has produced a number of innovations which include the game-changing Apple Watch. The watch tells time but can also monitor your heart rate, notify you of calls, texts and emails, guide you and much more. His career has provided aspiring leaders with a number of lessons on achieving and maintaining success. Here are four of Cook's lessons that will help you be successful just like him.

1. Be a visionary

Tim Cook took on a previously well-established company from Jobs. He knew that he needed to build the company, even more, to not let Apple remain stagnant. At that point in the game, Apple could not stop or it would cease to be relevant. Cook welcomed changes and adjustments to the company and its products. He followed different paths which included creating a streaming platform that distributed the 2022, Oscar-nominated film Causeway which starred Jennifer Lawrence. The key takeaway from this is to always have your own goals, ideas and projects to work on. This also applies to all jobs like artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc. Being clear about your own goals will lead you down the right path as you will be focused.

2. Move forward without forgetting your past

We need to focus on what is currently happening in our world to understand what people need and learn to meet those needs. However, it is important to bear in mind that the world keeps changing and that what may have worked today, may not tomorrow. So you have to keep a plan for how you will adjust to changing circumstances. For example, Cook focuses on today's consumers' needs for a smartphone, but at the same time, he is always searching for new features and functions for Apple products. This will ensure the company continues to grow. Apple was founded in 1976 but never stopped evolving. The lesson here is that we should understand our past and act in the present.

3. Have the courage to Stand out

Cook and Apple's ethos is very simple, in order to achieve success it is important to do more than just what everyone else is doing. Following the same path as everyone else will lead you to a crowd of interchangeable alternatives. Forging your own path is the only way to stand out. You may follow the advice of others or walk through doors opened by someone before you but to be successful you need to bring your own identity to your work. This happens when you are authentic and true to your vision and helps you keep up with the competition.

4. Take that Awkward Pause

Apple's CEO firmly believes in taking time to think things through completely before responding even if the silence gets awkward. He follows the so-called "Rule of Awkward Silence," which simply allows you to make better decisions, reduce mistakes and communicate efficiently. The simple yet effective rule asks you to take a few minutes to think before answering questions about your opinion. Once you have your reply, speak it only if you are sure that it is the best answer and solution and that it is ready to share. This gets challenging, but Rome was not built in a day, implementing the rule is a gradual process.

However, these tips do not mean you lose the human touch. Cook, unlike popular belief, is not connected to his smartphone or laptop all day. In fact, he gives importance to disconnecting from devices and meeting people. Jobs had a similar approach and that helped him build a strong foundation with the people at Apple. Technology can help us learn a lot of things but we should not let it take over our real-world connections.

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