5 Mantras To Stay Optimistic When You Want To Quit & Shut Your Work

Simple tips to follow when all you want to do is 'quit' and 'give-up'

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It is easy to love your work when the ship is sailing smoothly, but the battle starts when your ship is struggling in the storm and you need to struggle to survive. That is how business functions before they hit the roof and success comes falling.


The tough times are often the "make-or-break" moments. This is when we either slog around not giving up or we just reach a point and quit. As entrepreneurs, employees, founders, life often throws unplanned surprises at us, and it is then being optimist plays the most imperative role. You have to believe that what you have begun is worth everything. Your hard work has a price tag and despite all odds, things will fall in your favour.

But when the first speed breaker comes on your way, followed by another. You either can stay still believe in yourself or give up. Success isn't easy; it is not supposed to be. And here are simple tips to follow when all you want to do is "quit' and "give-up'.

1. It is okay to Fear

First, become okay with the fact that you are scared. Pretending isn't going to help and believe us eventually you will explode. Being a founder, owner or an entrepreneur doesn't mean that you can't fear things. You don't have to feel pity about yourself and it is true that we invest almost all ourselves when starting a venture of our own. When things don't go as we have planned, it directly impacts us emotionally.

Gives yourself some time and come to terms with the reality of the situation, running away from it won't change a thing. Once you have embraced your fear and accepted that things are going wrong you can look at making better business choices to improve the scenario.

2. Self-Awareness

Develop a sense of self-awareness because it is a must when it comes to working in a team together. Try to identify and discuss the root cause of all the problems.

Nothing can be superficial, because there is always a reason for things not working out the way you had hoped for. Be open about stress, anxiety, depression and negativity factor. This lets you prepare for problems that lay ahead.

3. Have Something More Than Your Business

While you have given your heart and soul to your work and it defines your identity, there is more to you. When there is a blockage in business, it is normal to be overwhelmed. The stakes of you wanting to end your brainchild is higher.

Remember that time what all you have done to build up this thing but at the same time also remember work isn't the only thing that defines you. Give yourself the luxury to do things that please you. Crisis makes us too self-absorbed that we often forget that there are others involved and suffering as well. It isn't just about you but also about your team and families that are dependent on the work. Take a breath and you will be clearer while taking important decisions.

4. Control the Elements Around You

There are external and internal elements that drive your business. Not everything can be controlled but certain vital elements can easily be taken care of. Your company is struggling and despite all the efforts, nothing can be done to control it. But you can see you are getting enough sleep, you are eating healthy and not neglecting people close to you in the process.

Surround yourself with people who will uplift you and believe in your vision even when things are going wrong. This will guide you and pull you up when you feel that everything is falling apart.

5. Find What Gives Your Peace

Even when the world is falling apart, we all have something that always pulls us up when things get difficult. Peace can be found anywhere, anytime if we want to. In fact when you are on the verge of breaking look around and find something that brings joy from the stress situation itself. It might sound difficult, but one can do it, just find the courage for it.

Even in the darkest time, you can look at the situation in the most optimistic manner. Find peace and joy in the worst times and soon it will turn into your default setting. When it comes to finding peace, imply it not just professionally but also personally. But at the same time don't forget what reality holds for you. The most important thing is not to get carried away by the negativity that you land up with high stress, hypertension, frustration or anxiety issues.