5 Golden Style Rules Every Entrepreneur Must Swear By

The life of an entrepreneur isn't about glamour but at the same time it is about looking your best on your way to success

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Being an entrepreneur and building your path to success isn't always about looks. But what you wear does play a vital role unless you are Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Not everyone is a tech guru. Well, we bet your idea might be unique in its own way but adding a dash of style to your mundane appearance can spike up your life.

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For all those who feel we are coming up with expensive styling references, let us tell you this has got nothing to do with designer labels, expensive brands or latest trends. You just need to stick to the basics and it will make you stick out of the crowd.

Style is all about being comfortable. Your hair, your shoes, your aura, your clothes, everything about you need to make an imprint on people's mind and give an optimistic feel. If you can achieve that, your job is half done!

Remember you are an entrepreneur. Your lifestyle isn't about glamour or being glossy nor should it be. You ain't someone in the showbiz business. But you do need to pull that sleek professional look while you are carving your path to success. Hence to make it easy for you, Entrepreneur India brings five simple tips that anyone can pull off effortlessly and make a long-lasting impact.

Wear What Fits Your Body:

One of the biggest blunders we often make is mistaking over-sized clothes with comfort. Be it a shirt, t-shirt, trousers, jacket or suit, whatever you wear should fit your body. Why opt for baggy or tight clothes in the first place? Say no to big logos and make sure your clothes are properly ironed. You don't want to give a shabby impression to anyone.

Know the right colours, say a strict no to loud colours. You ain't in a circus! Opt for shades of blue, white, grey and brown. Add colours to your wardrobe that compliment your complexions. This simply enhances your features. When going formal, tuck in your shirt and wear a leather belt.

Please Maintain Your Beard:

Beard is not for everyone. When planning to keep it, think is it something that suits you? Or you are simply impressed by Richard Branson and Evan Williams's furry face? Well, we ain't saying don't go for the beard look but go all in for it when your hairline is thinning. But when young, keep it clean, shiny and classic. If you have the face for it beard is game on but keep it trimmed and not bushy.

Hair Is Your Asset:

Your hair is always the deal breaker. While you think, you are setting it in the best manner, think once again. Are you really styling your hair to its best potential? Ask yourself how does Tom Cruise, Amitabh Bachchan or Leonardo DiCaprio style their hair?

You already have your answer. Next time when you go for a cut, stick to the old looks. Also, always use a product that suits your hair and not something that just looks fancy or is expensive.

Accessories Define You:

We often deck up in our bests often forgetting about the importance of accessories. Be it your shoes, cufflinks, rings, belt, shoes, each and every piece has a role to play. Everything you wear should complement another. Don't ever make a blunder of wearing a gold neckpiece and a silver wrist-watch. Make a few wise investments in watch, shoes, belt, bag.

As a business person shoes are a lot more important than you may think. For safe bet stick to the leather. Have a fine pair of Oxford, Derby, and loafers. Coming to watch, it is a must-have. A great piece of the dial can easily lift your style. A leather strap watch can never go out of style.

Be Confident, Be You:

Never think you are less than anyone. You have a product that you have created and you have a vision. Let people see it as well. Wear your attitude like armour. You might be decked up in your best but it is of no use if you don't have the confidence to pull it off. When talking to people, stand straight never slouch. Be calm and composed. While greeting and talking make eye-contact, it builds up a connect instantly. To put it in simple terms, be it meeting the financers or heading a board meeting, confidence is one element that covers all the bases for you.