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# 5 Things Corporates Look For In Their Stars 'To combat losses, a supporting astrological advice has always helped along with a fool proof plan'

By Hirav Shah

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An individual looks for happiness, smooth/healthy marital life, hefty bank balance and harmony in general. According to a recent survey, 65% of Indians seek astrological advice on relationship troubles, however the percentile of corporates seeking astrological advice, is a secret.

We can help you find solutions for frequently asked questions by corporates to a Corporate Astrologer. Hirav Shah, a one-of-a-kind corporate astrologer has extended his consultation to many a multinational.

However, he stands out amongst the other astrologers as he his advice is incredibly strategic and provides defined solutions instead of worshipping a tree or goat.

Following are some of the frequently asked questions by corporates to Hirav Shah:


On micro or macro level, consistency is something everyone strives for. Companies work hard to maintain a right side heavy balance sheet. However, this is the dream for most of them as despite all their efforts, this is where lady luck plays a role.

Hirav Shah, advises such companies on the changes they can make on the basis of SWOT analysis. Through a deep study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the company faces, which they can't identify themselves, he cracks a plan for them and sets up a timeline for a promised outcome.

For Instance, take a hotel that has the potential to have 90% occupancy but is only able to achieve 60%. Here, there has to be a way to achieve its full potential or at least the average reach of 75%, explains Hirav Shah. The 15% that is needed to achieve 90% can be achieved through business analysis and strategies on the basis of astrology, says Hirav Shah. So it is important to achieve 75% occupancy consistently.

Adding a Product to the Portfolio

Innovation and creating a niche product is a dream for every company. But will it work? Would it be able to compete for a product/service that a competitor already has? These are some of the many questions corporates face. While innovation in itself is the strength, a few changes is necessary to suit the development.

Here is an example: If a successful clothing brand thinks of selling accessories such as sunglasses with the same brand name, they would want to know how successful their plan would be. How would the people accept their new product? Will it raise the company's revenue? What would be its profit margin? All of these could be analyzed by the mixing of business principles with astrology says Hirav Shah.

Fear of Expansion

Expansion is a major aspect for any budding or established business. But many companies after leaving their footprints in different geographies have faced massive losses. To combat these losses, a supporting astrological advice has always helped along with a fool proof plan. Hirav Shah devises such plans that is industry specific, to suit requirements and needs of each client and their respective industry.

Example: If a famous restaurant chain is spread only in a single state, it is likely to expand its business nationwide. They may have a fear of ROI (Return On Investment) when they expand.

Some of the various factors are considered in the minds of the key people of the company such as Growth, branding, profit, acceptance, etc. At such times, Astrological science helps to give guidelines on dealing with such factors says Hirav Shah.


Growth has always been a single-point agenda for any business. Growth, not just in financial aspect but in matters of lucrative opportunities too. Seeking these opportunities is a task, and hence a guidance to route the ideal path will make the arduous task simplified with clarity.

Hirav Shah explains how construction and infrastructure companies face hurdles and creates opportunities as well. When you touch the market price at saturation pointwith high supply and less demand, one always faces difficulties in selling commercial and residential properties.

So, one should always be aware of the good and bad periodsin the next one to three years.

In the same way, so many areas that still have high demand and have not reached saturation to the extreme limit, such areas is the best time to enter in a particular geographical area. That is the way to balance and create opportunities to deal with the bad and good periods says Hirav Shah.

Global Development

"Glocal' is the new term and every company wants to be a part of this movement. But this development involves heavy financial stake and a lot of resources. To avoid incurring heavy losses, a sound plan and somerubbing/a look of/at the stars is a perfect combination.

Here is an example of film celebrities and films: Strategic branding plays a very crucial role in getting success locally and globally. Suppose, for every successful Bollywood celebrity, astrology-science shows the global path to make it big in different regions like Hollywood or in South India though they are only big in Bollywood. Sometimes, it is very risky to take those steps, but sometimes they are relatively easy to take. Similarly if any film wants to release globally, most of the times there are fewer chances to make money overseas.

But if you plan strategically, with Astro guidelines, it may help to get a better chance of success.

Hirav Shah

corporate astrologer

 Ace corporate astrologer, Hirav Shah, has engaged with over 500 companies –small, medium and large scale to reigning superstars in India as well as overseas. He has created a niche for himself by giving customized consultation to high profile clientele belonging to specific segments like Business, entertainment, and corporate, not just in India but overseas too.
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