#6 Simple Hacks To Increase Productivity & Stay Focused at Work

You ability to stay focused and complete your work is a vital indicator of how successful you will be

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By Priyadarshini Patwa • Feb 14, 2019


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The man's ability to stay focused and complete the task smoothly is as important as breathing oxygen. As fresh air is needed to live, a strong focus is needed to make sure your business grows and you achieve your goals. Your ability to focus directly impacts the future of your success.

Take an example of all the successful people and you will be released they have over time mastered the art of focusing on every job they pick up. The most essential thing is to understand, unless you are not done with one job don't move on to another job. When one job isn't completed, how can another even get started? If this basic philosophy is clear in your head, there is nothing on this planet that can take you away from getting closer to your goal.

But we are part of the world, where distractions are all around us and we often get diverted from our carved path. To put it simply, our brain isn't designed to deal with tons of things that might look gold to you at the same time. Hence your focus gets easily disrupted.

So here's the point, when you work on the skill of controlling your brain and not letting it lose. Entrepreneur India brings you a few simple hacks that can easily help you in steering your mind and developing your focal point, which will directly impact your productivity.

  • Start Your Day With Work-Out

Well, this might sound monotonous to you but it is indeed one of the most effective ways. This will not only develop your brain but at the same time, even you will be looking after your overall well-being. You don't really have to hit the gym, sweat yourself out for hours. The point is to begin your day on an active mode, so a simple workout of 20-30 minutes is more than sufficient to get your focus strong. You can opt for cycling, swimming, and yoga or just run, whatever suits you.

  • Every Task Needs an Allotted Time

You are giving an unnecessary amount of time to various tasks that can be done quickly. You know how much time ideally every task of yours requires. Divide your time, in case you find it difficult to use the tool like Rescue Time which will calculate how much time you spend on each task. Be it social media, your daily work or certain app. This lets you plan your day better.

  • Set Deadlines for Yourself

If you can pull this off, you are totally heading towards the right direction. Honestly, stressing yourself doesn't help but at times working under stress with a timeline can help you meet your goals. For open-end projects give yourself a timeline and try your level best to stick to it. Trust us, by the end of it, you will be surprised to see how your focus has developed and how productive you have become.

  • The Golden Rule of 2-Minutes

Entrepreneur Steve Olenski talks about implementing the "two-minute rule". How does it help? To make most of the small window that you have at work. The point of this is to simply get that work of your done which you can do it the window of two-minute. Now do you wonder, why haven't you done this till date? As per Olenski, completing these small tasks hardly take any time then being left for later. And he himself follows this rule, which has made him one of the most influential content strategists online.

  • Have Daily Goals

Having big plans is great; after all, it changes the whole game. But nothing big can be achieved without laying out smaller plans. Your bigger goals require more time, so in the meantime start focusing on smaller goals that are needed to be done on a day-to-day basis. Write down your plan for the day. Achieving these little goals will wire your brain for success and when you accomplish, it will your reward for the day.

  • Get Enough Sleep

When your body and brain haven't slept enough, it ruins your entire day. Make sure you get 8 hours every night. To get maximum focus, you need proper sleep. It not about the hours but the quality of sleep. Switch your brain off, let your worries rest for the night.

Priyadarshini Patwa

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She’s @Priyanka_Patwa on Twitter and @priyadarshinipatwa on Instagram.

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