A Quick Look Inside Quikr Since a lot of work happens over calls, the employees are often seen walk and talk across the fitness-friendly campus.

By Sneha Banerjee

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Quikr decided to move their headquarters from Mumbai to Bengaluru in 2015, to explore the emerging tech talent pool of the city. Situated behind a Godzillasized Manyata Tech Park, an old government factory and its adjoining area were renovated to design the campus. Often compared to Facebook, its open and non congested atmosphere helps employees to work at ease. Since a lot of work happens over calls, the employees are often seen walk and talk across the fitness-friendly campus.

"I Love Benches"

"I love the benches. I've had some of the best times there. It's the best place to grab a cup of coffee with colleagues. Also, our favorite spot is the "ghanta ghar' (the announcement area). Apart from work related announcements, simple things like introduction of a new dish in the canteen are also done here," says Subhash Surampudi – VP, Digital Marketing – Quikr.

"I Simply Love the Canteen"

"I simply love the canteen! The variety of food available here is simply unmatchable. From dosas, to aloo paratha, sandwiches and more. Also, the filter coffee is a savior! Folks who stay away from their families in Bangalore, can be assured of good quality home food type of khana," says Shrutika Bhave, Lead Software Engineer.

"I Love Meeting Rooms"

"I love the meeting rooms! During meetings, we are free to scribble our thoughts on the table. Since the walls are of glass, we at times also write on them. More importantly, there are hardly any closed spaces here. The glass walls really reflect a sign of transparency," says Subhash Surampudi – VP, Digital Marketing – Quikr.

"Garden Area is my Favorite Pick"

"Garden area of the campus is my favorite pick. Whenever we work for long hours, it's the place where we go for a quick walk. There is no lift here and staircase is constructed in a manner that it is easy to use. Most of the washrooms are on the ground floor, so that the employees get enough exercise for the day," says Nitin Sethi, Vice President, Design.

"My Favorite Spot is Pool Table"

"My favorite spot happens to be the pool table, I visit it whenever I need a short break. It also serves as a great venue to catch up with folks from other departments. Also, the fact that the campus is situated behind a busy tech park and yet it has maintained its suaveness and quiet ambience makes it really special," says Anurag Nair, Regional Business Head, Quikr.

"I Love this Place"

"I sometimes end up working for 13 hours a day. This place provides me with all the facilities to stay back for long hours – be it food, break out zones, gym and other amenities. The work ambience is very work-friendly and makes us feel at home," says Kashif Khan, Head of Sales for QuikrCars.
Sneha Banerjee

Entrepreneur Staff

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

She used to write for Entrepreneur India from Bangalore and other cities in South India. 

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