How Can an Entrepreneur Keep Himself Charged? Small little changes in the routine can help you stay charged

By Pratik Kanada

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Well, getting bored is easy but keeping yourself charged is pretty difficult. When you are an entrepreneur with a bulk of responsibilities, plenty of people to handle and coordinate and cooperate with, all this is hell difficult!!! People, finance, a balance between professional and social life is all too much for an entrepreneur to get going with that too without getting bored, frustrated and irritated.

Monotonous work schedule, lack of break, excessive work can really tear the entrepreneur down. When you are mentally tired and restless, it affects the work. You can't let that happen. So, small little changes in the routine can help you stay charged for the entire day.

"This advice is mine,

Anything is fine,

An evening wine,

A movie at nine,

A late night fancy dine,

Getting bored should be out of your line."

You might feel that blabbering all these is easy but when it comes to implementing, it seems a daunting task. Well, I am also an entrepreneur having a mobile app development company, 360 Degree Technosoft. I do encounter the stress the being stable in the competition, bringing in new projects, upgrading my team's skills at timely intervals, staying acquainted with the latest tech trends, keeping the clients satisfied and yet not get tired. But, to be able to do what I am supposed to do, I don't detach with the things I like, I love, I adore. When I feel stressed out, Reading is one such thing which brings me back to the senses. For me it's reading, for you, it can something else. Let me help you find some simple yet effective tactics that can help you keep charged.

1) Bring out Your Forte

You feel empowered and happy and do something you are good at. You might be good at playing some instrument or playing pool, or it can be the clash of clans. Just imagine you had a client meeting and you screwed it up or your competitor just snatched off your project under your nose. You can feel unmotivated, depressed or good for nothing. You do come across such situations when you are an entrepreneur, you can't help it. After a rough day or even during an ongoing day just a boost of winning at something makes you feel good, confident and charged to tackle the standing challenges.

2) Bring in the Humor

It might seem like a zounderkite advice but trust me it works. Nothing is better than laughter to keep yourself charged. When the environment around you is filled with smiles, laughter, and happy faces, it boosts the positive energy in you. Some small jokes, making light fun of the colleagues will bring the work environment light and stress-free. Well, how boring it will be to go the same workplace every day to see the same boring old faces with no charm and no motivation to do something cool. Humor can make that thing happen.

3) Keep Trying Nuances

Have you ever observed a kid? You give them one toy, the best one they will play it for a while and then leave for something which is even not that good, like a spoon or a bowl. It's the curiosity of playing with something new. Apply the similar mechanism in entrepreneurship as well. Don't step back when it comes to experimenting new things, taking different challenges or learning and implementing new things. I know it's kind of difficult to learn, adapt and then implement new things but that's the point right? It will keep you motivated. Same old, monotonous work will bring your morale down killing your creativity vibe.

Pratik Kanada

CEO, 360 Degree Technosoft

CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. Writes about Leadership, Start-up Quests, Social Media, Latest Tech Trends and Mobile Applications.

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