Being a More Mindful Person Will Help Get Your Mojo Back

Cameron J Mitchell and Ken Collis have experienced setbacks that disrupted their pursuit of success, so they know all about getting that mojo back to thrive

By John Stanly

L-R: Cameron J Mitchell and Ken Collis

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Mojo is a very captivating word, but many people don't know what it means. Mojo might technically be defined as a magic spell, talisman, or charm, but it can also be summed up as a person's charisma.

When you hear someone comment they need to get their mojo back, they usually refer to regaining confidence, energy or enthusiasm. Cameron J Mitchell and Ken Collis have experienced setbacks that disrupted their pursuit of success, so they know all about getting that mojo back to thrive.

The burning question is how to get one's mojo back. While it can be easier said than done, it is still possible. "The first step is to forgive yourself. We are all human; we are going to make mistakes and missteps. The point is to learn from these setbacks and use the life lessons to move ahead," explains Cameron J Mitchell.

Per Ken Collis, "The next step is a little self-assessment. Pinpoint your weak points to determine what needs to be worked on and changed. Self-development is a crucial life skill, whether in a professional or personal arena, so embrace this rather than avoid it." Assess your physical, mental, and emotional health to bring yourself into balance and make self-care a top priority.

While lofty goals are admirable, small wins can be equally satisfying. "Break your large plans into smaller bits that are easier to accomplish. Achieving these small goals leads to a sense of success and satisfaction," quips Cameron J Mitchell. Not to mention you won't get overwhelmed. Remember, no matter how large or small, a victory is still a victory.

Above all, Cameron J Mitchell and Ken Collis recommend practicing gratitude. "By being humble and grateful, you will find a greater appreciation for life essential to strive," states Ken Collis. It also opens the doors for a more organic flow which can boost productivity. So, to get your mojo back, be peaceful, mindful, and kind. You will be surprised at how far these simple concepts can take you in any life capacity.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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