Benefits of Implementing Employee Wellness Programs

Don't let stress and anxiety take a toll over the productivity of your employees try this

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In today's corporate world, everyone is facing a race against time because things are five times faster than they were a mere five months ago, and the pace just keeps growing. With everyone rushing against the clock, stress and anxiety are parasites we have learnt to live with. So, the one and only neutralizing factor are to incorporate wellness techniques into the corporate program. It's no longer optional; it is mandatory for survival.


These are Four Benefits that Wellness Programs Can Provide to Employees:

  1. Stress Reduction: Stress releases hormones that are a result of the fight-or-flight syndrome and although this has become the norm it causes havoc in our bodies. We are supposed to experience this syndrome only when we are in danger. But in rushing against deadlines we are permanently in this mode. The best way to tackle this is by training our minds to cope and the key to doing it is through meditation. A whole generation of people struggles to balance its life and fortunately, many meditations are available online to help with the process. Specialised apps exist that guide through meditation techniques that are specific to tackle stress. These apps can be a great way to incorporate meditation into the everyday life of employees even while they're working.

  2. Anxiety Control: Breathlessness, increased heart rate, shallow breathing, sweating, minor panic attacks and mood swings are signs of anxiety. The best way to combat it is through the use of pranayama (breathing techniques). Breath is the force of life and when we learn to control our own breath we learn to control our internal responses. So, through our breath, we can centre ourselves and not give in to the stress. By redirecting our energies to the breath, we can control our internal chemical reactions to situations that cause bouts of anxiety. Anxiety is a huge problem for people in a high stake job like financial job roles or higher management positions. It can be a big hindrance in their day-to-day lives causing problems in handling even the smallest of things if left unchecked. Bringing wellness programs into your HR strategy is, therefore, a great way to make sure that your employees know how to handle that.

  3. Flexibility: A popular saying today, which is also very true, is that sitting is the new smoking. Much of the corporate workstyle is physically sedentary. Physical stiffness from long hours of sitting at the desk causes acid build up in the muscles. The best way to relieve that is through basic yoga stretches which can be practised at one's desk at the workplace. This allows them to avoid posture-related issues like back pains.

  4. Work-life Balance: Our work and emotional balance are totally askew because almost 80per cent of our attention is going towards work (yes, even during holidays) and this is repressing our emotions. This can cause a lot of toxic builds up in the body which can lead to many illnesses and health issues. Creative urges also end up being stifled. So, many therapies that focus on art, sound or dance can be pursued to awaken the heart centre and thereby release the pent-up emotions.