Business Opportunities in the Hit Genre of Stand-up Comedy

Popularity of improv comedy has promoted the growth of clubs and companies, making comedy an investment-worthy sector

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Comedy is an art loved by all but practiced by only a few. Let's admit it: one of the most tedious tasks is to make someone laugh and yet laughing is the only effortless activity in which we let loose and are true to ourselves.

As the demand for comedy is on the rise, several start-ups have started to come up to bridge this gap between demand and supply.

The exceeding viewership of comedy channels and shows depicts the audience's demand.

Comedy shows built around stand-up and improv comedy have experienced a ride on the success wave by feeding the audience's taste buds.

Emergence of Comedy Clubs and Companies

Urban India's inclination towards stand-up and improv comedy has lead to the establishment of various comedy clubs and companies, creating a pool of opportunities for investors to finally take comedy as an investment-worthy sector. Delhi and a large chunk of the population from other metro cities have already wet their toes in the comic scene, further encouraging the industry as a promising sector for the future.

Tailor-made Shows

Many a time shows setups are tailor made on various parameters, including the artist type, artist popularity, target audience, etc for a honed and perfected outreach, imbibing a more personalized experience.

Increasing Popularity

The events organized in this domain nowadays cater to a multi-cultural audience across demographics with an auditorium filled to the brim, depicting the rising popularity of comedy-in-performance. Until a few years ago, if someone was to say that comedy is what he/she will pursue as a mainstream career choice, he/she would have been shunned for being too naive. Being a "stand-up comedian' was not considered as a real job or a career choice for that matter.

It is only the current times that the sector has experienced a huge demand and shows a promising future.
The ease of pop-up spaces has to lead to a better exposure, for eg: cafes, book shops, pubs, restaurants, galleries, etc, by inculcating comedy as an experience enriching part of their services offered.