Five Technology Hacks to Dial Down Your Travel Costs Being flexible with your travel dates can also save you some money as most aggregators offer the cheapest option for the month, helping you unlock the best deals.

By Romesh Jha

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Travel—it is fulfilling, liberating, and fun, but it's expensive too. A perfect vacation may not always be the one that allows you to conjure perfect memories but should also be the one that agrees with your wallet. Thankfully, technology today is empowering enough to offer substantial usability whereby you can pick and choose the best possible travel choices to keep your travel costs down.

Technology does not mean just picking your smartphone to book your tickets but offers a whole lot more. By making some smart choices, you can ensure that your next trip is both fun as well as money-wise smart.

Here are four such technology hacks to help you keep your travel costs down and pep up your travel memories.

HACK 1: Make Use of Booking Aggregators

Booking apps for airline, train, buses, and hotels are aplenty and it almost does not matter which portal or app you use for your travel bookings. What can be of help is to check out various travel aggregator portals that allow a comparison of various hotels, airlines, and buses for you to choose the best possible price option as per your budget.

Booking aggregators allow comparison of hotels, buses, or airline fares. Ensure you make optimum use of all such aggregators. Being flexible with your travel dates can also save you some money as most aggregators offer the cheapest option for the month, helping you unlock the best deals.

HACK 2: Use Work Exchange Platforms

Work while on travel to sustain your travel expenses. If that sounds like a good plan, opt for various work exchange portals. With such work exchange portals, you can easily seek part-time work as you travel to various destinations for a longer trip. Be ready to not only save money but also experience various cultures from close quarters.

HACK 3: Plan Well Using Vacation Planning Tools

To save money while travelling requires good planning. Stop planning your trips the traditional way and make use of online planning tools like TripIt, Google Trips, or Journey Planning Portal. These tools help you plan your trip smartly with built-in analytics to help you save money with each travel plan.

BONUS HACK: Travel light!

Did you know that you didn't need any fancy app or smart tool to help to reduce your cash burn? Travelling light can ensure you don't end up with any unnecessary expenses like extra baggage charges on flights, locker storage charges, porter fees, etc.

Make use of the good old weight scale lying at home to ensure your luggage stays below the maximum threshold limit as per your travel destination and carrier. Even if you are a budget traveller, the lighter you travel the better it is not only for physical convenience but also for you to move around freely and explore the travel destination better.

Technology is shaping and disrupting not just the way we live but also the way we travel. Make use of technology to ensure your travel is not just fun but also smarter and more bang for the buck.

Romesh Jha

Founder, TripRethink

Romesh Jha is the founder of TripRethink, an online service that helps people get the best possible deal on their existing hotel bookings by notifying them when there is a price drop on an already booked hotel room at no additional cost 

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