Health Secrets: Actors, Entrepreneurs Give Us The Ultimate Fitness Guide For 2024 We combine what we've learned in our interactions with actors, entrepreneurs and actors-entrepreneurs and list out some of the most detailed notes for you below.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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Many times one hears that entrepreneurs literally work seven days a week, more so during the initial stages of their start-up ventures. But increasingly via social media we are becoming more aware about the health habits of founders and businessmen

Many times one hears that entrepreneurs literally work seven days a week, more so during the initial stages of their start-up ventures. But increasingly via social media we are becoming more aware about the health habits of founders and businessmen, who in spite of demanding schedules still manage to more than squeeze out time for their workouts.

Actors on the other hand, have to look good as part of their job profile, and we have been saturated with the number of six-pack thespians since quite some time. But there are certain actors from whom we can learn some sensible lessons as far as diet and activity is concerned.

We combine what we've learned in our interactions with actors, entrepreneurs and actors-entrepreneurs and list out some of the most detailed notes for you below.

1. Actor and entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty Kundra maintains a fixed super healthy diet, as she believes it's important to maintain our health and in order to do that, we need to pay attention to our diet throughout the day.

She starts her day by drinking two glasses of warm water with one tablespoon of ghee, combined with half a teaspoon of turmeric, saunth (dry ginger), and a quarter spoon of pepper. This helps in maintaining metabolism.

She goes on to either eat three eggs with sourdough or avocado toast or overnight soaked oats with almond or soy milk, pomegranate, apple, and chia seeds for breakfast. When home for lunch, she looks forward to a satisfying meal with legumes or seafood, rice, vegetables and half a beetroot.

In order to improve the flavour and health of her food, Shilpa likes to add a teaspoon of ghee. A vegan protein shake serves as her evening snack and gives her the extra energy needed to finish the day.

She prefers not to eat anything after 7:30 pm so before that, she ends her day with some protein-rich soup and vegetables or just vegetable khichdi to keep it light. Shilpa avoids aerated drinks, white sugar, and fried foods.

2. Actor and entrepreneur Aashka Goradia Goble's Instagram is full of glamorous yoga poses that look great, but aren't exactly easy to do, but it's her consistency which has got here there. For the co-founder of Renee Cosmetics, yoga is not just a physical activity, it is a way of life and it has changed her perspective about everything. "I started this journey under my husband's guidance who is incredibly accredited with his intense education about the field. Yoga just doesn't just keep you physically fit but also helps me become more self-aware and a better person. We need that mental balance to deal with all kinds of curve balls in business and stay calm during tremendous pressure while leading the ship as a founder," she says.

3. "My fitness regimen depends on whether I am shooting or not. Normally my day begins with meditation in the morning, an hour of yoga and then I hit the gym for an hour, at other times I do martial arts. But when I'm shooting for a film and have to look a certain way, then the training routine becomes more intense" Actor and co-founder of Ketto, Kunal Kapoor.

Kunal believes it's important to surprise the body, and hence from time to time he mixes up his workouts. Currently the time and bandwidth doesn't allow him to play regularly, but he does play football occasionally with some friends. He also trained in hockey as he was part of the Akshay Kumar film Gold (2018), about India aiming for the gold in the Olympics after independence, and once in a while enjoys playing the game.

Kunal's diet is simple and comprises meat, veggies and sweet potatoes. In order to stay healthy when on erratic schedules, he carries dry fruits, fruits or a protein shake with him.

4. For actor Kanwaljit Singh, who became a household name after his role in the Doordarshan TV drama series Buniyaad in the 1980s, sports has always been a part of his life. "I was in a school where we used to play all sports though my favourites were boxing, cricket and table tennis. My favourite has been tennis which for me is like meditation, and I played it for the last 40 years," he says.

He also works out regularly in the gym, though he prefers cardio more to lifting weights.

5. Shark Tank judge and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, Vineeta Singh is heavily into fitness and regularly takes part in triathlons and marathons. During the pandemic she had a regular routine which included kickboxing and tabata mixed with weight training. What is impressive is that she manages to do all this despite the hectic demands of being a CEO and co-founder.

"Apart from my everyday running, I also swim and cycle whenever I get the chance. Another sport that I'm quite fond of is badminton, during my under-graduation and B-school days, I participated in a lot of competitions," said Singh. From 2001 to 2005, she won two Gold and two Silver medals for IIT Madras during the four Inter IIT Sports Meets. Singh maintains that her interest in sports helps control her energy levels and kills lethargy and she also considers it as a relaxation activity.

6. Siddharth Somaiya, CEO and Founder, Organic Riot

As a child, Somaiya trained in Taekwondo for eight years and had the formidable title of black belt, continuously winning best fighter in competitions and acing the martial arts exams. However, his diet was the exact opposite of healthy, comprising McDonalds, Dominoes and fizzy drinks. In spite of being on a junk food fuelled diet, his thin frame could never make you guess his poor eating habits. However, if you talk to him now, it's like he's a different person altogether. Somaiya has quit junk food, sugar and doesn't smoke or drink too. Before passing away due to cancer 1.5 years ago his father once had said to him, "What are you doing to yourself? You are going to end up like me."

That served as a turning point for him, which he considers as a parting gift from his father.

As far as physical activities are concerned, Somaiya has been fond of football all his life, and still plays twice a week. The health conscious CEO also goes to the gym four times a week after office, followed by a sauna and cold shower.

"I've played football since I was in school, and it's become part of my DNA. During the pandemic I couldn't go to the gym, and am making up for all that lost time now, although I did get back to one-on-one Taekwondo training with my instructor during the corona phase. I also follow the longevity diet, which consists of intermittent fasting. I fast for 16 hours daily and eat during the remaining eight hours. For those 16 hours all I have is water. The whole point of it is to kill weak cells, which are apparently what cause diseases. As a kid I barely used to eat so this was just two hours extra of not eating!" he jokingly adds.

The one adventure sport he really enjoyed was skiing and continuing on that line next month shall be trying out some racing cars. "I want to try as many adventure sports as possible because who knows when all of this might stop again. I'm trying to be as outdoorsy as possible."

7. Manas Madhu, Founder, Beyond Snack

Manas Madhu was always thin and scrawny as a kid, so when someone told him during his engineering days that gymming could help him to bulk up, he passionately took it up. Madhu enjoyed the intense workouts, but once work took over, the long nights and travels replaced his exercise routine. But he still wanted to keep fit somehow, and switched to jogging.

"I try to jog every day in the morning as I love the feeling of a shower after a sweaty early morning jog. Along with running, I also I do a minimal round of athletic activities like stretching and some push-ups. If I am getting proper sleep the night before then I get up by 5 30 am and by 7 am I leave for a 40 minute run. If I have something on my mind like a work meeting I cut it down to 30 minutes," explains Madhu, who was also featured on an episode of the now infamous Shark Tank India.

During his workout phase he was following a high protein diet but now has reduced his protein intake. Never much into sports even in school, Madhu does hope he can get back to pumping iron when he's a bit more mentally free and can give time to it. "I really miss it!" he says.

8. "I workout with my personal trainer Tridev Pandey who is the one person that has made working out fun for me. It's because of him that whenever I get time between readings or shoots I take out time to exercise. When I am able to complete the entire workout that he gives me it makes me feel stronger. Whether it is your clothes fitting well or caring more about your diet, you start to be more aware of how you feel, not just about looking good once you have a regular workout regimen": Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Actor.

Helping her keep fit is her husband Chaitanya Sharma, who diligently exercises six days a week. She sticks to home food and even when staying at a hotel speaks to the chef about her diet according to the instructions of her nutritionist, Raksha Lulla. "I was a non-vegetarian all my life but now am trying to be as vegetarian and vegan as possible. Raksha has made sattu an integral part of my diet. She has made sure I eat local, so wherever I am travelling I see what are the local vegetables and what is in season," she says.

Shweta believes that one has to take out time to exercise because excuses are always around us. She has also started meditating in the morning and if not then makes sure she does it sometime during the day for 10 minutes. She's also a fan of adventure sports such as sky diving and scuba diving.

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