How Many Books Are Too Many ?

Narvekar's favourite books are typically autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs.

By Entrepreneur India • Dec 31, 2017

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A bookoholic by nature, Narvekar lists no author as his favourite. He tends to read four to five books a week most of which are autobiographical. "My favourite books are typically autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs. A few of them have struck chords for various reasons," he adds. Narvekar is also an avid photographer and enjoys researching architecture, furniture design and fashion. He travels extensively, learning about new cultures through his stomach.


100 Interiors Around The World - Balthazar Taschen and Laszlo Taschen

Design has always been a passion of mine. I take a lot of inspiration from the varying styles and designs showcased in this book and apply them both to my home as well as our stores. I consider this book to be one of my most precious posession.


Delivering Happiness Tony Hsieh

The Zappos story and their obsession with customer satisfaction highlight that customer satisfaction should be the core of every business. Equally, the focus on employees and making sure that team members are happy and fulfilled in their careers is something I've taken away from this book.


Start Something that matters Blake Mycoskie

The founder of Tom's, Blake Mycoskie, has managed to build a global brand while benefiting a large number of people, which really, should be every entrepreneur's dream. He is driven by a cause and the success of Tom's is simply a by-product of that. No great business can be created without that type of passion.

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