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How Fusion Emerged as a Sizeable Fashion Segment India commands a whopping 83 per cent of women's ethnic wear segment and is expected to value at about INR 1,26,210 crore

By Kewalchand P Jain

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Fusion wear has become an inseparable part of women's wardrobe these days, owing to the simple fact they are easy to carry off and available in a variety. With the advent of globalization and the rise of the female workforce in India, fusion wear has found a new demand for itself in the market that never really existed owning to Westerns being the prominent dress code for women professionals. Indo-western, the other name for Fusion Wear, is a woman's go-to when it comes to choosing an outfit for formal as well as casual wear and works well for women in any demographics.

Indo-Western Way

Women have ventured into experimenting with their outfits and the idea of mix-and-match in recent times has created a sizable market for this segment. These days a new trend is entering the women's wear segment where women pair a western dress with Indian accessories. This is an effortless attire to assemble when you want to make your outfit look chic with minimal effort. Women prefer wearing Indian accessories because it adds a vintage, earthy touch to their outfits and couple them with western outfits. With the mixing of cultures and the ebbing away of women sticking to one style of outfit, women choose to dress the Indo-western way.

Combination Works

The evolution of the women's apparel market has been subtle, yet steady. It can be attributed to the increasing purchasing power of women and a rise in the working female population of India. Women, today are also becoming increasingly aware of the trends and keep abreast with different ways to style their outfits. The increase in the use of e-commerce to sell products has propelled the increase of fusion wear in India. India's rich heritage, variety of fabrics and aesthetic choices have led to the growth of this segment. Today, women are moving towards more fashion-conscious and high quality, comfortable clothing. They like to combine yesterday's vintage charm with today's voguish attire.

Fusion Works

India commands a whopping 83 per cent of women's ethnic wear segment and is expected to value at about INR 1,26,210 crore and has brought the Indo-western trend to both the casual and formal wear. As the millennial's are embracing traditional wear, it transforms into fusion style with traditional designs and styles transforming into modern silhouettes, making it a sought after choice.

The fusion wear segment is yet to completely gain as much momentum as the other segments in the apparel industry but is a promising one as women have an affinity for the comfort and elegance these outfits offer. The perception for fusion wear has undergone a sea change as women are more receptive to experimenting and no longer find it dull or boring. The fusion styles have actually revolutionized the industry in many ways as they are a quintessential blend of modern and traditional in a comfortable and elegant blend. As it is well known that fashion is a reflection of one's personality and the Indian audience is "fusion" in almost everything- entertainment, food, ideology; it is a given that women will also want their outfits to follow this route. This segment is certainly poised for growth in the coming years.

Kewalchand P Jain

CMD, Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd

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