Mountains an Eco-Friendly Solution for Service Sector

Such an atmosphere makes a prime location for small startups; IT and ITES companies and young entrepreneurs who wish to challenge the existing paradigms of the industry

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Businesses around the world have started rethinking their physical locations in the new world. Covid-19 has wrecked the current models of many companies and has left the entrepreneurs to think about the most efficient cost-optimization methods. Bearing the expense of a city office may not be feasible for the service sector that is already dangling on the thread of financial pressure.

Considering the current trends in the industries, mountains could be the best eco-friendly solution for the service sector.

The pure flowing rivers through the valleys and the lavish elegance of the green nature are a storehouse of creativity and tranquility. Such an atmosphere makes a prime location for small startups; IT and ITES companies and young entrepreneurs who wish to challenge the existing paradigms of the industry.

Any sector ranging from Technology, BPO, KPO, Finance, Digital marketing, etc., can establish their business in the mountains and leverage the resources offered in the lap of nature.

Creativity and peace

The peaceful environment of the mountains is perfect for the working of the creative professionals. Other industries in the service sector including IT, ITES, new technology innovations, can also find the creative space required for taking their business to new heights.

While staying close to nature, the chirping of the birds and the freshness of the green plantations around you will help your team to think in a new fashion. The ideas required for creating exceptional services for your company will foster a physical business set up in the mountains.

Economical Human Resources Cost

As the hill stations are far away from the bustling cities, the cost of living is lesser compared to the metropolitan areas. The lesser cost of living is proportional to the economic cost of human resources. No matter the kind of industry you are working for, the graduates and eligible employees from the town and cities in the mountains will be less expensive than the prospective candidates from the cities.

IT graduates and other professionals in the mountain regions are looking for jobs around their home town. By setting up your company in the mountains, you can contribute your bid in stopping the migration of the local talent to the cities.

Affordable rental

Another cost-effective measure in the mountains is the rental value of the workspace areas. Instead of spending lakhs and lakhs per month over a small space in the city, you can get a comparatively bigger place in the mountains for the same price. The same applies to the purchase of a workspace or land. If you're planning to set up your office, purchasing space in the mountains will be a safer and better bet than the cities.

The overhead charges would also be the bare minimum for your set up. These include your water, drainage, electricity, and cleaning cost of the area that you have rented or purchased for your business.

Better Employee Experience

The quality of life in the mountains is certainly better than the towns and cities in India. By staying and working close to nature, your employees will be refreshed and full of energy for the day's work. The quality of education is really good in the mountain regions and families can comfortably settle especially in those mountain cities in which connectivity by air or road is not a big challenge. Better employees' satisfaction means better profits for your company.


The changing demands of recent times have shown the importance of flexibility in an entrepreneur. Establishing a business that forms a part of the service sector will prove to be beneficial in the long run for the employees and the employer.

While choosing a location in the mountain, ensure its connectivity with the cities Air, road, or future prospects of the connectivity by air.

Abhishek Joshi.

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