The Next Frontier: Bengaluru As The Big Wedding Destination, Elevating Events And More An incredible 85 million weddings are set to take place next year and by 2028 the size of the event management business globally by 2028 is expected to be a worth a whopping 1552 billion dollar business.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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An incredible 85 million weddings are set to take place next year and by 2028 the size of the event management business globally by 2028 is expected to be a worth a whopping 1552 billion dollar business. In the midst of this blitzkrieg of weddings, one destination which may be emerging as the next hot spot seems to be Bangalore.

A city that blends modernity with traditions, it seems to have also become a destination of grand weddings. According to several top hotel management individuals, traditionally, weddings in Bengaluru were marked by their cultural richness, with elaborate rituals and ceremonies deeply rooted in the city's heritage. However, recent years have seen a significant shift in preferences. The trend creating unique and personalized wedding experiences by blending tradition and contemporary styles of wedding is evolving and has given rise to a demand for venues that can seamlessly merge cultural traditions with modern aesthetics. Demands for wedding in Bengaluru evolved in recent years and they see a huge potential in the Bengaluru market going forward.

Over the last few decades, another prominent development that has been seen is weddings getting even grander, with the question arising, how does one now elevate weddings and events to the next level?

Roshan Abbas, Founder, Kommune India, asked an intriguing question to event managers at a meetup of the Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA) - What would they be doing if not event management? A question which clearly the gathering was not prepared for. Some stunning examples of how people and organizations innovated and evolved from what they have already been doing to suit the requirements and emotions of the current generation, challenges of meeting the demands of the future generation and the magic of social media gave plenty answers to how creativity, imagination and talent could lead to a million ways to take events to the next level, and hence a plethora of business and opportunities that are there to be explored and waiting to happen. The very quotable Abbas concluded his riveting talk with yet another line- "Be the rock of Gibraltar but, be on rail of rollerskates."

"The anticipation of festivals and concerts generating over 1000 crores in the next four months, presents a lucrative wave for wedding and event planners. To ride this wave to the next level, planners should focus on several key strategies like incorporating latest trends, technological innovations, building strong network, collaborations, understanding the pulse of the market and investing in talent development, enhancing team skills, and fostering a culture of creativity and adaptability to be precise," Samit Garg, Co-Founder and Managing Director, E-Factor Experiences & SkyWaltz had also said.

According to the Align market research report, the total size of the event management industry globally by 2028 is expected to be a whopping 1552 billion dollar business, telling us the kind of behemoth it is to become.

Kabir Singh Bhandari

Senior Assistant Editor

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