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Online Personal Training is the New Trend in India. Here's Why Fitness experts from every nook and corner of the world are leveraging the online personal training

By Rachit Dua

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These days, most trainers are turning towards online personal training. Well, thanks to the digitalization, which has conquered almost every aspect of the economy.

The exponential growth of internet and smart phones has resulted in the advent of enormous opportunities in the fitness industry. Every day some new dude comes up with his Youtube channel or a website preaching fitness science to people.

Some of them are really good and propagating the real science, whereas on the flip side, some so called fitness experts really need to get their concepts right before they dispel any knowledge to people. However, the online personal training is one of the most popular trends that has attracted maximum eye balls during this digitalization of fitness.

Today, the fitness experts from every nook and corner of the world are leveraging the online personal training. Be it a newbie or a top notched a fitness coach, everyone is now focusing on online personal training. Well, the social media boom has no doubt bestowed a powerful platform in order to capitalize people and propagate what you can offer them.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Skype, Watsapp and so on, are widely used as a part of online fitness training programs. However, in India, though the concept of online fitness training is at a nascent stage, it is still proliferating and capturing the maximum share in the industry

Why Online Personal Training is the Next Big Thing

So, why the online personal training is becoming a next big thing, is it really better than the conventional personal training, here are a few insights about online training over the conventional training.

Benefits of online personal training over the conventional personal training are as follows:

From a Trainee's Perspective:

Some trainees do have ego issues, and therefore, they publicly hesitate to ask their personal trainers about the right form and technique to perform a particular exercise, the concept of online training has overcome this hindrance between a trainee and a trainer.

In online personal training, a trainee gets access to the trainer 24 hours, unlike the conventional training where the trainer is accessible only for an hour or so, of course, till the time he is at gym floor.

It is usually not feasible for many people to hire a top notched coach for an offline personal training. The advent of online training trend has now made it easier for people to get trained under their favourite coach without digging a big hole in the pocket.

From a Trainer's Perspective:

The online training is a cost effective approach to the reach maximum people that further helps the trainer to reach various geographies at a same time.

In the traditional personal training, the trainer blocks his particular time slot for the trainee, whereas in the online personal training, a trainer has no time constraint, and his reach amplifies enormously.

Okay, so despite of so many benefits of an online training, it is always a smart idea to know your online trainer before you hire hire him.

Tips to Hire an Online Personal Trainer

Always hire a certified and experienced online trainer. Look into his website, Linked in or the Facebook profile etc. Checkout his educational background.

Look for some testimonials of his clients. Try to connect to his clients and ask for some feedback about training and behaviour.

Most importantly, never get mesmerized with the big muscles of your coach. Big muscles is the not the sign of a scientific knowledge. Always analyse his knowledge and not the physique. However, a coach ought to have a decent physique though.

Well, the online personal training has been a win-win situation for both the trainee as well as the trainer. No wonder, the fitness industry is this trend for some legit reasons.

Rachit Dua

Online fitness consultant, Team_Aminder

Rachit Dua is an advanced certified personal trainer for general and special population (people with medical issues). He is also a certified sports nutritionist and an online fitness consultant with Team_Aminder.
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