The Genius Trick of Leveraging the Old Content with a Dash of New Flavour

Content marketers, you need to up your ante and use 'your' content tactfully

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Publishing credible and worthy content takes ample of time, hard work and research. Then why let it go to waste after using it only once. In today's world of competition, using the right tactic to market your content and reaching the right set of the audience is essential for survival. Ones, who are able to understand the value of content, understand the importance of repurposing.


As they say, serving old wine in the new bottle always tastes the nicest. The same theory applies to content too. The facts and figures are the same, and then why not play with its packaging a little to make it more appealing to the audience. While sharing the content on social media do grab you some eyeballs, you can reuse the content with a bit of touch-up on your website too.

Content marketers, you need to up your ante and use "your' content tactfully. Many argue that recycling content would get them under the radar of duplicate content penalty by the search engines. What they don't understand is that these situations arise when excessively copying a different blog's content and violating Google's guidelines. Repurposing your own content is not the same thing.

Utilize the power of your existing content with the tricks as presented in the infographic by Blog2Social below: