A classic case of turning household crisis into a breakthrough

Just four days into the campaign, Jugnoo is already gaining traction of 1,000 transactions per day.

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By Swadha Mishra

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Jugnoo, a hyperlocal market pace, sought in the country's current scenario where the most essential item of the kitchen hit skyrocketing prices. The topic of every dinner table discussion - "The onion prices are going crazy" propelled them to come up with an unconventional strategy of recognising this as an opportunity to come to the rescue of the common man.

While the government has also acknowledged the issue and is trying what's viable in its capacity to curb this build-up, Jugnoo was quick to identify a move which got them to become a household name, essentially for taming this inflation for the consumer. How did they do it?

Samar, CEO and Founder, Jugnoo, states, "On the national level, the export strategy is being devised hoping that a raise in the MEP would curtail the exports and with tenders for imports being opened, the supply would improve. Obviously this is a solution best left to the experts. We just thought of a fundamental approach of bringing relief to every kitchen, which was to just reduce the price and increase the supply."

Just four days into the campaign, Jugnoo is already gaining traction of 1,000 transactions per day. This is quite a dramatic response given that not only are they getting more orders of the most indispensable kitchen commodity, but the consumers are also talking about them. "We have often been asked about our marketing strategy and unanimously it has been "word of mouth'. There is a huge inflow of referral orders, which goes to prove that this works best for us", adds Samar.

In less than a week, Jugnoo has successfully managed to combat this significant rise, bringing a closure to the woes of every housewife. For Jugnoo, this is not just about onions; they have a more holistic agenda. Erratic rainfalls leading to shortage of supply and price inflation, there has to be some respite for the common man; and in wake of that, they took it upon themselves to make a social impact wrapped in a marketing blueprint.

Jugnoo Fatafat, the hyper local marketplace for deliveries, which allows the consumer to order anything from anywhere, is being swamped with uninterrupted orders of this crucial ingredient. The team is elated with the response. Consumers are back in the game with the kitchen inventory being replenished with just a click of a button. There is no staggering from one vendor to the other just for a better deal. Serving convenience on the platter is what these guys do best and is the prime reason of how they have become a household name – by recognising a problem that is causing the masses to suffer and by doing something about it.

Swadha Mishra

Former Staff, Entrepreneur.com

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