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4 Ps of Content Writing: Power of Data, Personalization, Phygital & Platform The idea is to create tailor-made content customised in different formats of media

By Mayur Sethi

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Every one of us writes, which means there's a lot of content which we go through, interpret, and then communicate with someone else. Although, only a few can call themselves content writers and even fewer go on to become reputed writers being recognised as columnists, authors, etcetera. Originality intrigues us, and in today's internet times everyone is consuming content at lightning speed.

Scrolling, posting, liking, sharing, commenting, tagging, and it goes on when the Internet users are kept engaged with the content at all times in a day – because they're served with the kind of content they've never come across before. The type of content which grabs their attention but you'll be surprised to know that 50% of content is not original (hence, curated) but is presented in a unique form according to the preference of the target audience. To create tailor-made content customised in different formats of media to enthral the prospective customer and engage the current user base with interesting and useful content is the end goal. And, therefore, when aspects such as innovative formats and relatable content help in establishing a connection, to strengthen the impact of content created, the quadruple force of 4 Ps brings a huge difference to the table:

1. Power of Data

Persuasive writing influences readers, eloquence helps create an impression, and data is what drives them. A blog might talk about a hundred things, but if you come across two facts stated along with statistical data, the odds are extremely low that you'd forget. Secondly, the next time you're in search of a data-driven read, you'll go back to the same platform you read the first time from.

2. Personalization

Well-Written content is that which connects with the individual consumer on a personal level. When a consumer feeds on content through a particular media channel, it should have a consistent tonality. An automobile centric piece cannot have technological jargons; instead, the power of content can be leveraged by framing it with automobile terminologies which helps the reader relate with the matter in the best way possible. Thanks to technology, now you can assess what kind of content is being consumed on your platform and based on the insights, bring changes in the way content is written and make it more personalised.

3. Phygital

Imagine you're in a new city for a business meeting and don't have much on hand to do. With an empty calendar and no more events to attend, you plan to reach the airport early. But, as you're about to cross a theatre, a movie application in your smartphone sends you a notification.

A notification which tells you the reviews of the latest film which matches your interests and its show timings according to your flight timings. That's the power of phygital space - combining your physical world with the digital world as if they're one. By using right narrative (content) and call-to-action at right time!

Thanks to the evolving AI, it carries the potential of writing relevant content. Or, even like the bot "Shelley", an artificial neural network created by researchers at MIT's Media Lab, capable of generating spooky stories on Twitter.

Your online footprint allows machine learning to engage you from the data it keeps collecting, consistently, on the back end from your online browsing sessions and be of utility by giving you exactly what you were looking for in the physical world, at the right time.

4. Platform

Lastly, the platform you choose to publish it becomes the fourth pivot. An article around business won't work well on an entertainment channel and a person seeking political news won't be interested in knowing about the next iOS update or high-tech gadget to be launched. Platform contributes highly in the success of content because if served to the wrong audience then neither it is relatable nor relevant. Another advantage of deciding a platform before writing content comes from Artificial Intelligence. Today, you can get hold of all the information off the internet there is to know about your audience, bringing you one step closer to choosing the right platform.

In the end, content writing is about perceiving to personify and practising to publish in a paramount manner.

Mayur Sethi

Founder & CEO, advertiCe / YellowDigi


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