Mayur Sethi

Founder & CEO, advertiCe / YellowDigi


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Marketing Is Not Advertising, Learn Why

Marketing and advertising are often used interchangeably by professionals and laymen alike. But there are a sea of differences between the two integral processes of a product launch. Companies that fail to understand the difference between the two are also the ones that don't make room for strategic plans for both

News and Trends

How Web3 Will Change Marketing Landscape Forever

Web1 was the introduction of the Internet, where users could 'see' the revolution of communication, and Web2 allowed users to experience and interact with the revolution. Now we have Web3, in which we will be allowed to immerse ourselves in the experience, and for the very first time, users will be able to own the revolution


How Digital India Revolution Is Shaping the Startup Ecosystem

From the streamlined payment system in the form of UPI to cheap internet and emboldened access, we're in the midst of a revolution that will be termed the beginning of India's digital economy.


5 Reasons Why Appreciation Is the Most Important Leadership Skill

One small compliment from the employer can encourage an employee to put even more efforts and actually improve their own understanding of the work allotted, which in turn ensures impactful results and can lead to the successful growth of the company

Social Media

Social Media Strategy for Content Marketing

Content Marketing sails on the lines, it's about how you're creating the difference using the same tools and making a long-lasting impact


4 Ps of Content Writing: Power of Data, Personalization, Phygital & Platform

The idea is to create tailor-made content customised in different formats of media

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