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5 Reasons Why Appreciation Is the Most Important Leadership Skill One small compliment from the employer can encourage an employee to put even more efforts and actually improve their own understanding of the work allotted, which in turn ensures impactful results and can lead to the successful growth of the company

By Mayur Sethi

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American philosopher and psychologist William James during one of his lectures said, "The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated," and this is even more prominently applicable in a workplace.

One of the key motivating factors, appreciation, can drive an employee to wake up early despite the stress from the previous day and pack that huge laptop and walk into the office premises with a wide smile.

Validating this point are various psychological studies that claim that over 70 per cent employees put in more effort into their work if their bosses appreciate them.

What Is Appreciation?

One of the basic human needs, appreciation, in simple words means praising the significance, quality and magnitude of a thing or a person or the effort the put in the work by that person.

Imagine being appreciated for the time and effort you invested in a power point presentation you stayed up all night to prepare! Isn't it encouragement enough?

One small compliment from the employer can encourage an employee to put even more efforts and actually improve their own understanding of the work allotted, which in turn ensures impactful results and can lead to the successful growth of the company.

And to ensure that every leader writes a successful business story, here are five reasons, why they should adopt the quality of appreciation:

1. Chances of Employee Retention Increases

One of the key reasons for an employee to leave an organisation is not being trusted by the employer. An employee is more likely to stay in an organisation when the leader knows not their name, but also their profile and strengths.

It is easier and even more likely for an empathetic employer to be able to retain a good employee.

2. Employee Engagement Becomes Evident

Take a romantic relationship for instance. A person puts in more effort in a relationship when he or she thinks that the partner respects him or her. The same is applicable in an employer-employee relationship.

When an organizational leader exhibits that they care for the person who is working for them, they put in even more effort.

3. Increase in Creativity Among the Team Members

As every person comes from a different background their thought process also varies. All they want is to be heard and it is a part of a leader's responsibility to give the team that space and time.

Doesn't a brand manager expect the clients to hear his ideas with attentive ears? Well, the same holds true in the regular working environment. Honest feedback can encourage a team member to take even more risk at work.

4. Fewer Vacays More Work Days

As an organization grows based on team effort, one person's mood or work can impact the entire team. This means one unsatisfied employee can lead to resentment among the team. And this feeling is more likely to spread like a virus when they think that nobody cares about what they do in the organization.

5. Human Well-Being

An empathetic leadership leads to the well-being of the person who is coming to work with or under them. Increasing cases of depression and anxiety in the corporate sector and the employers complaining of not being able to find committed and accountable employees can be put to with this one quality, appreciation!

How Can a Leader Express Appreciation?

For a company to be successful, it has to have a team of excellent, hard-working, creative and accountable employees. But to ensure that this enthusiasm lasts till the company writes its success story, the employees need to be treated right. And this cannot just happen by means of money. Personal attention, genuine words and constant feedbacks can ensure a happy and innovative working environment.

Mayur Sethi

Founder & CEO, advertiCe / YellowDigi

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