CEOs, Don't Shy Away From Social Media; Use It To Boost Your Business By not risking anything, CEOs are risking even more.

By Swati Bhargava

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Giving customers a seat in the boardroom is now actually happening, all thanks to the rising importance of social media. It is nothing less than a breakthrough for businesses to grow their market and increase trust within their brand. In order to take this to the next level, CEOs must embrace social media. Most of the CEOs today are reluctant to establish their presence on social networks because they fear something may go wrong. Another reason is time constraint. But they should know that by not risking anything, they are risking even more.

The benefits they can bring to the company by signing up on a social media channel can't be over-looked. Here are seven tips that tell how CEOs can use social media to boost their business:

Increase brand visibility

CEOs can make a remarkable impact in spreading awareness about their brand. They can create buzz around their products and services. They can also share helpful information and latest news about their company.

Handle disasters

Social media can be an amazing tool for CEOs to address concerns and resolve disputes during a crisis. If they are active on social media, it helps even more as they are found to be approachable and transparent.

Recruit new talent

The power of social media cannot be undervalued when it comes to hiring. Using it to build new connections and keeping in touch with high potential candidates gets particularly valuable for CEOs when they are looking for promising talent.

Show their individuality

Social media networks like Twitter and LinkedIn offer a great opportunity for CEOs to show their personality. This helps in adding character to the business which goes a long way in building credibility among their customers.

Engage with users and employees

Social media is an ideal platform for CEOs to interact with their customers and employees. They can thank their users and employees for their support. A personalized tweet from CEOs to appreciate positive feedback from users is a great example of personal touch. However, they also need to develop a thick skin to handle criticism and learn from it.

Demonstrate brand values

By sharing content that shows their company culture, CEOs are allowing others to find out more about their brand. This gives them a chance to showcase their brand in a positive light.

Follow other experts

Apart from keeping a tab on their competitors, CEOs can learn about the strategies they are implementing to grow their knowledge.

As a CEO, hope you now realize the impact you can make by making time for social media. Incorporate these tips to supercharge the growth rate of your brand.

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Swati Bhargava


Swati Bhargava is the Co-founder of India’s largest Cashback & Coupons site. She is honored amongst top 10 women entrepreneurs in India and is also an acclaimed Social Media influencer. Swati is an alumnus of the London School of Economics and has worked at Goldman Sachs in London for 5 years before starting UK Cashback business Pouring Pounds along with her husband & Co-Founder, Rohan. She has also represented India at the coveted Blackbox Connect – Female Founders Edition - powered by Google in Silicon Valley, California and is an active keynote speaker in India and internationally.  

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