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Former Magic Sensation and TV Personality Shares 3 Keys To Building a Powerful Personal Brand In 2022 (It's Not Just Posting On Social Media) Before founding his personal branding agency, Jay Jay led a successful career as a magician that gained him over 57 million views on Youtube

By Shishir Jajoo

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Tyler Alberti

In a world where you can do and be anything, Jay Jay, founder of Ace of Spades Agency has chosen to do just that. Before founding his personal branding agency, he led a very successful career as a magician that gained him over 57 million views on Youtube being seen in over 150 countries around the world over a 10 year span. This success earned him the opportunity to launch several other careers as a television personality, and a motivational speaker on stages in 30 different countries as well as many placements on television and other media as well. While he certainly has the gifts of charisma and talent, he credits all of his success to the power of personal branding.

When you look at the world today, it's almost impossible to operate without having some kind of personal brand. Doctors are growing an audience on TikTok, lawyers are going viral for creating reels, and it's only just the beginning. Jay Jay notes the reason why. "Connection is the new way to sell. People buy because of other people, not just a product or service." This is clear to see in our world today. Whether on television or social media, celebrities are always selling us something. While social media and the internet makes it easy for anyone to build a brand and sell something, it also creates a unique problem. Scams. Scams are a real and prevalent problem that exists on the internet. Because of this. Jay Jay emphasizes the importance of trust. "Trust is the biggest thing people need online today!" Whether you are selling your own product/service or trying to sell someone else's, it is extremely important to build your trust to grow your brand. Jay Jay shared three of his secrets to building a powerful personal brand.

His first piece of advice is simple and anyone can start it today. "Creating authentic, honest content is a free and easy way to start building your brand." In today's world, people are looking for honest expert opinions. Everyone should be leveraging their platform on social media to share their opinions and their expertise. He recalled how he started building his brand at the age of 16. Beginning with zero followers, he started posting his expertise (magic) on his Youtube channel. Eventually, he would amass over 400,000 subscribers and 57 million views on his channel. "In the beginning, I made no money, no sponsorships, but I didn't care. I was focused on building a brand, but most importantly building my confidence"

As his career as a magician started to take off, he realized that he had another gift. The gift of gab some might say. "I learned that the ability to communicate was important to success." The ability to pitch himself helped him to grow his reach beyond the scope of Youtube. The ability to not only share your opinion but to communicate in a clear and commanding manner is crucial to your success in building a personal brand. The second part of this, and according to Jay Jay, this is the most important. Learn to talk in real life. "We put such an emphasis on social media, that we forget about real relationships. Go network, meet people in person and sell yourself."

The third secret is probably the most undervalued. "A lot of people are amazed at how I built my Youtube Channel, how I have spoken on stages in 30 different countries, and have a verified audience in 150 countries. They want to know my secret." The secret that he shared was one word. Consistency. When we asked what is the final ingredient of building a personal brand, Jay Jay shared the importance of being consistent. "I grew my following by posting at least 2-3 videos on Youtube every week. For ten years." He noted that he often runs into people that believe one time is enough. "One networking event, one video, one call. That's never enough."

When we asked what is the driving force for Jay Jay as he looks to help others grow their personal brand, he replied. "I climbed as far up the ladder as I could in magic and I wasn't fulfilled. Deep down, I wanted to help people achieve amazing things in life. That's why I switched careers." Currently, Jay-Jay looks to help people reach their goals and build success by giving them the confidence and exposure they need to build a massive and powerful personal brand.

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