Importance of Customer Engagement in This Day and Age

Customer delight is aimed at focusing solely on customer feedback and experience

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The era of e-retailing has taken over our lives in an unprecedented manner. So has customer engagement, promotions, and programmes, which offer insightful tips and lucrative deals at your doorstep.


With the advent of digitization and the internet, life has become easy and convenient once again, starting with a customer's journey from buying a product online to completing a transaction, all at a click of a button.

A few traditional, e-commerce and services platforms are trying hard to enrich people's lives with traditional products and community-driven services.

Customer Delight

The customer is king. In addition, wowing them is critical to sustaining a business. Therefore, a planned customer engagement platform is essential to create compelling content, a great-value proposition, and product videos, among others. Let's take customer delight, for instance. It is aimed at focusing solely on customer feedback and experience. Consequently, most companies use survey sites such as Survey Monkey to collect feedback anonymously as well.

However, some companies take a step further and contact their customers directly. This creates a personalized touch and helps in assessing the customer's needs in a far better manner.

Feedback from "the Horse's Mouth'

These new companies have taken customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Today, there are teams of experts who are assigned to talk to the customer directly, to gauge their needs.

This includes collecting information at all levels from the time a product is bought to the time of delivery. These experts analyze everything. Hence, when things go wrong, they are equipped with lists of planned methods to contain the situation. For example, if a certain customer receives the wrong product, the company will replace it with the right product the very next day, that too, free of charge. These instances are a testimony to the customer's loyalty won back within 24 hours. Such companies are armed with a sense of urgency, whereby turnaround time is critical with a strong belief in their delivery system.

In Sync with the Modern, Balancing Tradition

With the new dawn, the new modern Indian, who is a balanced person, balances traditional and western methods of living with ease. The ethos is to be in sync with the modern, but at the same time, keep traditions alive through participation and celebrations of every small occasion and seasonal festivals.

However, having said so, finding the right product to bridge the gap between tradition and modern living is a daunting task. This is where companies that offer a glossary of traditional products for the different communities of India play the vital role. India is a diverse nation with multiples cultures. So, a list of items for a Bengali will differ from that of an Oriya. Hence, employees of

a company should be appropriately trained to run the show smoothly from end to end, delivering products with an engaging smile, endeavouring utmost customer satisfaction.