5 Channelizing Tips for Entrepreneurs to Crack the Code of Story Marketing on Social Media Platform Start-ups can capitalise on this age-old secret and capture the attention of the audience on social media

By Sanghamitra Khatu

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Everyone loves to hear a good story. The art of listening to stories is deep-rooted and instilled in us since our childhood. The subconscious mind is extremely receptive to stories. Even as an adult we get drawn to good storytelling. A great example of this is the success of movies with good stories that always resonates within the audience.

Brands too when they tell a good story, often see traction in the digital space. A story can change the game overnight for a brand.

The social media platform is all about telling stories and any good story has the potential to grow viral. Start-ups can capitalise on this age-old secret and capture the attention of the audience on social media.

Here are 5 tips for an entrepreneur to crack the code of story marketing!


The content created by brands needs to firstly have a good story. A good story will be inspiring, will have ups and downs and alternatively, it can be extremely emotional, triggering feelings of love and empathy. It important for the brand to tell a story from a certain point of view so that it resonates with a certain section of the consumers. Budweiser's campaign which went viral on social media talked about "Don't Drink and Drive' with a different storytelling concept that said someone is waiting for you at home and hence, don't drink and drive.

Publicity is Publicity:

Brands are varying of negative publicity and very few brands turn a controversy into an advantage. Mistakes might happen and it is best to face them and turn things around. The audience is always forgiving. The best example that comes to my mind is the latest Nike campaign using Colin Kaepernick in the heat of the controversy. Nike said, "It is only crazy until you do it – Just Do It". They rode on the existing controversy and turned the brand around. Nike has seen a jump in its sales by 61% in just 10 days from the release of the campaign. Be bold take a stand and you will win the game if it is done well.

Video stories:

The millennials are always on their phones watching some or the other video. Video streaming is huge, especially with the new Instagram IGTV. It is only through the video a brand can connect emotionally with the consumer. A brand which has done well-using video content is Huda makeup brand by flooding the social media space with simple easy makeup tutorials along with the peppy music.

Customer retention:

It is very easy to target an already existing consumer but reselling the new product to the same consumer is the new game here. This is a ready market waiting to be explored. The way to cross-sell and up sale is to constantly inform this consumer of new trends and new products/services. This can be done by an algorithm based on content push. For instance, MakeMyTrip constantly sends out information on holiday options to its existing consumers.

Impact v/s Reach:

It is of paramount importance to reach exactly 20% of the audience which will convert into business rather than garnering a larger base of audience. Focus on catching their attention by creating impact based communication and reach a strategy! One way of achieving this is to partner with an existing content digital media company where the content resonates with the brand's ethos and integrate with them. This will help in driving the message to the consumer and also garnering relevant reach.

Sanghamitra Khatu

Founder at The Tribal Box

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