2017 Will Be a Year of New Experiences in the Travel Industry

Exploring 'Cultures' and 'Local flavors' will be the essence of travel!

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By Heena Akhtar • Dec 20, 2016


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If wellness retreats, bucket list travels, and group tours were the flavors of travel in 2016, then we are set to experience some new travel trends in the coming year. 2017 will see travellers looking for cultural tours and experiencing local flavors. It'll be a year of experiences with the pulse of local life.

With home stays getting popular, people are getting ready to embrace and explore the local culture, their traditions, and customs. In fact, "local way of life' seems to be the buzz word.

There's a wide range of inspirational and distinctive cultural tours and holiday options available across destinations. The world has ample history to study, see and learn from and there are various ways of exploring the antiquity; some of them being:

  1. Visiting monuments and historical places
  2. Enjoying local cuisine
  3. Experiencing local art forms, dance and music, and
  4. Travelling to attend local festivals and special events

Visiting monuments and historical places:

Walking tours will gain popularity and are, definitely, a great way to explore monuments and historical places. Tourists can explore the place with the help of a guide and learn about the local history. In fact, countries like London, Barcelona, Rome and many others offer free walking tours. Travelers just need to book their slot and join the convoy.

Exploring cuisines and local food:

Food makes people travel; people travel for food. And the world has tons of styles and tastes of cuisines to offer. Societies are defined by the food they eat worldwide. And the year 2017 will see food tourism coupled with cooking sessions, gain momentum.

With Japanese tea being famous, anyone travelling to Japan can check out the Tea ceremony, also called the Way of Tea. It is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha (powdered green tea). There are English speaking tea masters who demonstrate the process of tea making and the tourist is free to make their own cup. Similarly, in Cambodia tourists can try cooking Cambodian meals and learn the tips and tricks of the country's traditional cuisine from expert local chefs. These cooking sessions are held in villages where the local produce is grown and used in their meals. Such and more interesting food tours are available for foodies to explore and enjoy.

Art, dance and music – the essence of life:

Go to Turkey and not experience the Sufi show will be like not experiencing the city. Every nook and corner of the world has a unique art, dance and music form which interests travelers. It is also a great way to learn about their history, geography and people.

Cairo has an architecturally stunning arts center known as Wekalet El Ghoury which is a hot spot for all cultural events and their Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe show is a popular traditional dance show. Likewise, Poland is a culturally rich country with beautiful food options and their folklore is a must experience activity.

Festivals – a celebration for all

Rio de Janeiro is known for its Rio Carnival and tourists travel especially to be a part of the fun festival. It's an opportunity for every traveler to dress like a local, dance like a pro samba dancer and move with the parade. Same is at The Berlin Festival of Lights which is an event that occurs annually in the month of October. For ten days, well-known sights like Brandenburg Gate, Fernsehturm, Berlin Cathedral or Berlin Victory Column are lit and brightened clubbed with exciting activities and food tourism.

And, the Tomatina festival in Valencia, Spain is a must visit festival for every travel enthusiast. Squashed tomatoes, water splashes, great music and awesome food will definitely be a memorable trip for a lifetime.

Heena Akhtar

Founder, TripXOXO

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