#5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement with HR Tech The advancing technology has defined new rules of engagement to enhance the productivity potential of employees.

By P V Venkatesan

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The dynamic job market and external forces continue to rewrite the rules that govern our businesses and our interpersonal interactions that are growing significantly important and more inextricably intertwined. This, in turn, requires business leaders to rethink the way organizations understand, address and manage talent. Successful companies create flexible workforce strategies aligned to their business strategy in order to boost employee engagement and productivity, build resilience and drive business results.

The advancing technology has defined new rules of engagement to enhance the productivity potential of employees. Today, for organizations, engagement remains a major dimension of retention, motivation, and productivity. In the human age, individuals operate at higher stress levels, as a result of increasingly ambitious productivity goals that require them to do more with fewer resources in less time.

Let's take a look at five ways companies are leveraging technology in order to enhance employee engagement:

Ensure Collaboration-

Various forms of communication are now facilitating employees to be in continuous touch. Google hangouts, chats, Skype or conference calls, all help everyone including employees at remote locations involved and all relevant correspondence via files and documents are shared almost instantly. All employees who feel that they are getting help from modern technology are bound to feel grateful and more engaged.

Technology in Sourcing -

The market is saturated with candidate sourcing platforms. That is why it is critical for employers to use the right sourcing technology that can provide them with in-depth insights into talent trends and help them deliver on business objectives.With agile sourcing technologies that are aligned with talent and business strategies, hiring processes become more efficient and businesses can respond to hiring demands faster and more effectively.This enables the HR professionals in the organization to rapidly deploy tools that give them an advantage in identifying hard-to-find candidates.

Right sourcing technology framework enables the recruiters to quickly cut through the clutter and implement the most effective ways to fulfill the talent needs of the organization. Additionally, it gives recruiters the freedom to experiment with the latest technologies, sharpening their skills and expanding their candidate network. This impacts the overall effectiveness of sourcing efforts.

Gamification -

The secret to staying relevant in a changing workplace is to develop a hungry mind and never stop learning. Employers also have to ensure that the employees have the motivation to learn, it is quite important to create an atmosphere that fosters participation in learning and boosts motivation.It is the organization's responsibility that they take extra efforts towards skilling of the employees, providing them with adequate trainings to adapt to new technology.

Using gamification can be one such method to encourage engagement. Gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun. For Instance: Social media skills training can be provided to the employees through a multi-level training program that lets learners advance through the ranks to obtain the ultimate title of a social media "Master". Gamification techniques can be leveraged to train sales professionals in the details and intricacies of the product/service lines to enable them to be effective in answering customer inquiries while pitching.

Mobile Learning -

Online and mobile learning are changing the expectations of employees. Today's employee leads a multifaceted and busy life where they need to balance work with their personal life. It is therefore essential that you offer employees access to learning content and complete training at a time and place that is convenient for them. By facilitating mobile learning, it increases the enthusiasm of employees towards learning. Employees find it much more convenient and are happy if they are allowed to complete these learning programs from their devices as and when they feel.

Recognition and Feedback at Work -

Employees feel the need to be rewarded, motivated, invested in and aligned with the company culture and strategy. Technology can support organizations create and maintain an engaging workplace, motivate, reward employees with ease and efficiency. Virtually recognizing a job well done amplifies employee motivation substantially. Further, Online platforms provide a seamless, real-time solution to track and acknowledge performance and achievement and seek and offer feedback from the employees.

Supplementing this approach with creative and meaningful rewards can add value to achievements and provide additional incentive to exceed metrics. Some rewards, such as online gift cards, can be delivered instantly, which reinforces employer appreciation and increases employee engagement.

P V Venkatesan

Chief Human Resource Officer, ManpowerGroup India

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