Apple To Postpone AR Glasses Launch, Working On Mixed Reality Headset: Report The report stated that virtual and augmented reality will be included in Apple's mixed reality headset and is likely to be announced at the spring event this year

By Teena Jose

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The tech giant Apple has reportedly postponed the launch of its first augmented-reality (AR) glass due to some technical challenges. According to a Bloomberg report, the company had initially planned the launch of the AR glasses in 2023, but it got delayed until 2025. However, the company is planning to introduce its much-awaited mixed-reality headset this year.

"The shifting plans underscore the challenges Apple faces in pushing into a new industry. The company is betting that AR and VR devices could be a major moneymaker, but the technical challenges of producing a consumer-friendly product has bedeviled much of the tech world," the report said.

According to the reports, Apple had initially planned to introduce the glasses after the launch of the mixed-reality headset, but they have now decided to focus on reducing the cost of the headset instead. As of now, there is no indication of when or if the company plans to launch the glasses.

The report further stated that virtual and augmented reality will be included in Apple's mixed reality headset and is likely to be announced at the spring event this year. However, it is reported that the technology will be expensive for Indian users and may debut with a price tag of INR 2.5 lakh.

"The hefty price stems from its use of advanced and high-resolution displays, more than 10 cameras, sensors to determine where a user is looking, and both a Mac-grade M2 processor and a dedicated chip for handling AR and VR visuals," said the Bloomberg report.

The upcoming Apple's mixed-reality headset is said to use displays to create an all-encompassing VR environment and pass-through cameras to mimic an AR effect. The company's long term plan is to ultimately replace the iPhone by moving the smartphone's main functions to a wearer's field of view on the AR glasses.

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