Benefits of Studying In An International Varsity Report says India has emerged as second largest provider of international students after China

By Gurinder Singh Bhatti

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There are probably several things that a student thinks about as soon as the thought of studying abroad crosses their mind. They start weighing their options, including determining if they are financially or academically eligible to pursue this dream, and of course, taking care of the paperwork involved.

In India, students, especially those who come from middle-class families, have to face similar choices. Only for them, such decisions are life changing, and can have a significant impact on both their personal and professional lives.

In addition, with recent socio-political developments like the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union (Brexit), and the Trump administration in the US changing immigration & visa rules, many have now begun to seek opportunities in other emerging destinations, like Canada.

According to the Indian Students' Mobility Report published in 2016, the global international student mobility market witnessed lots of shifting patterns. Among them, India has emerged as the second largest provider of international students after China, with more than 350,000 students studying in top overseas destinations. In fact, India's numbers to the top 5 overseas education destinations – the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand, grew at a faster rate than the overall growth in international students.

These days, driven by a rise in disposable income and better standard of living, many families in India can now afford to send their children to study abroad. Furthermore, with easy access to education loans, students can nowfulfil their dreams of having a foreign degree, gain valuable experience, and subsequently build a successful career. Regardless of the different effects studying overseas can have on an individual, it certainly poses several benefits.

Let us explore how studying in an international university can benefit students in the long run.

Exposure To new Cultures & traditions

When an individual moves to a new country, he/she is exposed to the different cultural beliefs, festivals, and traditions of that place. It can either be quite similar to the student's own cultural background, or entirely different; either way it can open up their eyes to a whole new world. What's more, studying in a foreign university gives you a chance to travel around not just the country you are currently in, but neighboring countries as well. Some international universities organize study tours to other countries, which provide students with an enriching cultural experience.

Access to World Class Education

Students studying in international universities are equipped with some of the best academic resources in the world. Some universities like Oxford and Cambridge, which also happen to be some of the oldest education institutions in the world, are known for their world class education infrastructure and highly qualified professors & instructors.

Learn New Language(s)

One of the biggest advantages of studying in an international university is the opportunity to learn new languages.

While English, as a native language, is prevalent in mostly the UK, the US and Canada, students pursuing their studies in European countries have the option to learn several different languages.

They can either gain fluency in the local language, or pick up different dialects of the same in different regions. Apart from improving their communication skills, learning new languages can also improve the career prospects of students as they can be offered to work anywhere around the world where the language they are fluent in is spoken by the majority.

Chance To Work In Multicultural Team

Studying in an international education institution can allow students to interact with different people from varying cultural backgrounds and ethnicity. One of the biggest advantages of studying in a multicultural environment is exposure to a host of different cultures and more acceptance for diversity across the world.

Personality Development

The wide ranging experiences that a student is exposed to while studying in an international university can have a positive impact on their overall development. Apart from learning to live on their own, such experiences also allow students to become more responsible, and help them in becoming smart & successful adults in future.

Gain Valuable Life Skills

As previously mentioned, studying in a foreign destination allow students to acquire several new skills that can prove to be an advantage for them later in life. Be it learning a new language or knowing one's way around tricky issues, such individuals can resolve almost any problems they face without having to rely on another person.

Advancement In Career

The final goal for any aspiring youth is to become successful in their chosen career path, and studying in an international university can certainly improve their chances of accomplishing the same. By opening themselves up to a new environment, such individuals can settle in any career they choose, without any difficulty.

Irrespective of where one chooses to study, it can be said that studying in an international university can certainly benefit students in due course.

Gurinder Singh Bhatti

Chairman & Managing Director, ESS Global

Mr Gurinder Singh Bhatti, Chairman & Managing Director, ESS Global. He is responsible for handling the entire organization, with major focus on financial planning as well as handling the sales & marketing for the entire group.

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