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Blue Tea Achieves INR 5 Crore In Monthly Revenue Following Feature On Shark Tank India The brand focuses on Ayurvedic principles, offering natural flower-based herbal teas and caffeine-free options

By Jitender Bhagat

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Blue Tea, the Shark Tank India 2023 featured brand monthly revenue has reached 5 crore in March 2024. The brand is on a path to reach a revenue target of 100 crores within the next two years, underpinned by its collaboration with Indigo Airlines and an emphasis on direct-to-consumer sales.

Blue Tea, operating across India and 11 other countries like the United States (US), is India's No.1 online herbal tea brand and is fast becoming a D2C powerhouse brand of India. With a diverse customer base spanning India and not just metropolitan cities, the brand focuses on Ayurvedic principles, offering natural flower-based herbal teas and caffeine-free options. Blue Tea has become a successful brand in America as well with its products, now are in the top 10 herbal tea brands on Amazon.com and Amazon EU. The brand is hoping to close more than 40 Crores only from D2C India and looking to reach 60 crores by FY 25.

The start-up brand is set to expand its footprint with the launch of BLUE TEA Café across Indian malls in the next three years and the introduction of Blue Tea Ready to Drink—Iced Tea Bottles in mainstream retail outlets nationwide.

Blue Tea's direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales grew from 3 lakh a month in March 2023 to 2 Crores by March 2024, with revenue from the Indian market increasing from 40 lakh a month to 3.6 Crores. This shift resulted in Indian domestic market revenue rising to comprise 70% of total revenue, which was 30% while the brand was featured in Shark Tank in 2023. However, the company is consistently growing its USA revenues as well.

The sales figures over the years depict a consistent growth pattern: starting with 25 lakhs yearly sales in 2019, the brand is currently selling 25 lacs in a day.

Blue Tea's partnership with Indigo Airlines aligns with its goals of broadening its customer base and market presence, providing beverage accessibility, and offering a variety of choices to consumers. Indigo Airlines, which serves four crore passengers.

Blue Tea directly purchases from over 200 real small farmers and has increased farmer income to at least 4X by flower tea farming. Blue Tea is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices, contributing positively to the agricultural sector. About 1000 people are directly and positively affected by this flower herb farming movement by Blue Tea.

The brand targets capturing 10% of the 4000 Crore Indian green tea market, in the next 10 years - leveraging the shift in consumer preferences towards Ayurvedic and caffeine-free tea options.

Founded by Sunil Chandra Saha and Nitesh Singh, Blue Tea currently reaches over 1 lakh consumers monthly worldwide, underlining the effectiveness of its consumer-focused approach. With operational bases in Kolkata and Delhi NCR, the brand is positioned to cater to a widening audience while ensuring customer satisfaction.


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