ChatSonic Launches Its ChatGPT-like Google Chrome Extension

ChatSonic has generated over 6 million curated content and has grown 10x in the last two months

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On Saturday, ChatSonic, an initiative of WriteSonic, announced it had launched its Google Chrome extension for Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the web.

Hailed as the best alternative to ChatGPT due to its real-time data, ChatSonic will help users be more efficient and productive on Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. ChatGPT is built on a data set limited to September 21, 2022, claims the startup.

"In today's busy world, while many people are creating tools to boost productivity, sometimes, we have used a common-sense approach and launched a Google Chrome extension to help users handle their email content, create tweets, LinkedIn posts, and create unique content anywhere on Chrome without having to leave the page," shared Samayou Garg, founder, WriteSonic.

Garg shares that ChatSonic has generated over 6 million curated content and has grown 10x in the last two months.

For Twitter, it can help you with creative-unique tweets and relevant hashtags, suggest which accounts to engage with, and summarise long Twitter threads. Whereas for LinkedIn, the Chrome extension will help you create pitch-perfect posts and comments to drive engagement. You'll also get ChatGPT-like results alongside your Google Search using the CMD(Ctrl)+M, where a ChatSonic AI pop-up will appear on your screen. For Gmail, it can also help you generate high-quality emails and summarise your email threads.

ChatSonic has also launched its mobile app for Android phones.

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