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CredAvenue Rebrands To Yubi Yubi aims to build trust while creating a democratized financial environment that promises new opportunities

By Teena Jose

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CredAvenue, a debt marketplace, has rebranded itself as Yubi. The new brand captures the company's long-term ambition of being ubiquitous to the debt ecosystem, an invisible infrastructure layer powering credit globally and ensuring frictionless access to capital. The new brand said to reflect in every customer touchpoint through an overhaul that spans its website, social media handles and existing product lines. Yubi claims to deliver a richer, more consistent brand experience in line with its promise of helping customers to 'go get great'.

"This is an exciting transformation and a solid foundation for the constantly evolving nature of our business. The reason for brand identity change stems from our conversations with customers and other stakeholders on how technological integration, because of data security concerns around financial information, remains one of the key deterrents in the advancement of digital finance. We aim to bridge this trust deficit and in this effort of humanizing the brand, we are confident of further building our platform, which thrives on new opportunities for people and businesses alike," said Gaurav Kumar, founder and CEO, Yubi.

With two major acquisitions in the past six months, the company claims to be growing rapidly and may even evolve beyond credit in the long-term. In line with its strategic goals, the name Yubi and the refreshed brand will help the company harness the power of an iconic and global name. The company currently has more than 3000 corporates and over 750 lenders and has facilitated debt volumes of over INR 100,000 crores. Yubi is on a mission to deepen and power the 120 trillion global enterprise debt market to unlock a GDP multiplier and create massive economic value, claimed by the company in a statement.

"We want to establish ourselves as an enabler institution to win the trust of the larger business community. As we expanded our product offerings, organically and inorganically, we understood the need for a simple brand architecture that reflects our long-term vision," said Karanpreet Bindra, chief marketing officer, Yubi.

The company caters to the requirements of borrowers and investors through five rechristened platforms such as YubiLoans (Corporate loan marketplace for enterprises and banks), YubiCo.Lend (Co-lending platform to collaborate with multiple partners, with API integration), YubiFlow (A supply chain finance platform that offers trade financing solutions) and YubiPools (End-to-end securitization management system).

Teena Jose

News Desk Reporter with Entrepreneur India

Teena is a post graduate in financial journalism. She has an avid interest in content creation, digital media and fashion.
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