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Decentro Launches Flow and Fabric – Full-Stack Payments And Embedded Finance Solutions The new modules have been introduced to offer a full-stack experience to Decentro's growing customer base

By Teena Jose

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Decentro, a leading financial infrastructure company, has launched Flow and Fabric, two complete end-to-end payments and embedded banking stacks, to help businesses with a smooth onboarding experience and management of financial products. The new modules have been introduced to offer a full-stack experience to Decentro's growing customer base.

The Flow module eases the money movement journey for platforms. The full-stack payment suite enables platforms to automate payment collections and money transfers via any bank-to-bank protocol (e.g., UPI, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS), enable reconciliation via virtual accounts, and help set up recurring payment methods such as NACH & UPI Autopay, whereas, the Fabric module, on the other hand, is a first-of-its-kind module offering a comprehensive Banking as a Service (BaaS) stack.

"Until now, we at Decentro have been solving dedicated use cases. The need to solve for a complete user journey was the obvious next step that paved the way for the bifurcation and launch of Fabric and Flow. With every new customer, the need to present a comprehensive Banking as a Service solution became more prominent, and we are happy to be moving forward in the same direction," said Rohit Taneja, co-founder and CEO, Decentro.

The launch aligns with the new age use cases and companies needing a relatively well-evolved, stitched stack suited to enable white label and embedded workflows for financial products rather than standard payment gateways in the market. The new age use case could be about enabling financing or putting an end-to-end lending workflow in line with the RBI guidelines.

"Flow and Fabric - our full stack solutions for payment and embedded finance align with the Government's push to further penetrate the adoption of digital infrastructure, such as Digilocker, India stack, a new global economic model for UPI, and more. The need of the hour is a fully compliant and scalable tech bridge that can thrive in this sandbox while leaving immense room for innovation for startups and incumbents. We are excited to see how Flow & Fabric shape up as our two product suites and business lines across the BFSI sector," said Pratik Daudkhane, co-founder.

Teena Jose

News Desk Reporter with Entrepreneur India

Teena is a post graduate in financial journalism. She has an avid interest in content creation, digital media and fashion.
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