Online Social Integration: Connecting Local Business With Great Customers

Online social integration is a process of connecting people of diverse race, culture, colour, and languages over the internet

By Ajeet Singh • Nov 11, 2017 Originally published Nov 11, 2017


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When it comes to online social integration, a lot of opinions are raised, and without adoubt while some may answer the question being asked, most are way out of line. The word "online social integration' may just be three words, but in reality, when properly utilized, it can go on to generate billions of dollars in revenue. To answer these questions, it is of great importance to understand that the purpose of online social integration is to create a connection and a conversion, which is the hidden goal of every business in the world. So what is online social integration?

What is Online Social Integration

Online social integration can best be described as a process of connecting or creating an interaction among people of diverse race, culture, colour, and languages over the web or the internet. Today, the internet is regarded as the melting pot for diverse people. This is made possible because of the introduction of several social media platforms which have seen the union of people. According to analysis, social media platforms like Facebook boast of over a billion members —basically over 10% of the world's population. The question, I believe, every businessman or woman and even that local business outlet down the road may be asking is, why do I need to be involved in social integration? How can it impact my business?

When it comes to advertising on Social media platform, there are quite a lot of intricacies involved, and before any business can get the best out of it, they have to unravel the secret behind it. There are several ways local business and make use of online social integration to get the best out of their business.

  • Build Trust

Trust is the secret ingredient of any successful business. Whether your business is focused on E-commerce or you sell furniture or run a freelance service, it is very important to understand the importance of trust. Today, nobody is willing to release their hard earned cash for a product because of a fancy social media cover photo or a beautiful lady as aprofile picture. You have to earn their trust by constant interaction and proving to them that your product is worth their money. By being able to earn their trust, you are indirectly gaining more free adverts for your product.

  • Content is King, Conversion is Queen

Supplying great contents that provide a solution to the questions asked by individuals is the main way of connecting your business to individuals. Everybody loves to be associated with a problem solver. Take, for instance, you supplied a content related to treating bad skin by using several steps researched by you, when people come across this content, and eventually it works, they will definitely love to try out your products. There is nothing more important in business than converting interested people into repeat buyers.

  • Build A Faithful Followership

Today you see people all over the world doing reviews on behalf of Apple and other mobile device manufacturing companies. This because over the years, these companies have been able to gain the trust of their followers, created a quality product which has provided answers to the needs of billion of people around the world. This has led helped them garner faithful and loyal followers both online and offline. In other to be able to connect with customers as a local business owner, it is important to garner a faithful followership which can be done by offering freebies, discounts, and also organising online competitions targeted at boosting your business reach.

  • Constant Advertisement Is Key

Why contents are important, advertisement will take it to the right people. Always take advantage of any means to share information relating to your product. Your online presence needs to be felt by people around the world. One problem most business which uses online advert in sharing their business is that they fail to target the right audience.

Take, for instance, a lingerie shop advert targeted at men between the ages of 50-70, the result of this advert will be epic fail and waste of money. In other to make the best out of online adverts such as Facebook ads, it is important to discover the people that need your service and target your advert towards them.

Today, over 20 million businesses are taking advantage of online social integration to boost their business image, revenue and reach at a low expense as against conventional advert methods. While online social media integration may be very important, offering a quality and affordable product or services that solve the problems being faced by people is the key. Just like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos puts it, "Make customers unhappy in the physical world and they will tell it to six people but make a customer unhappy online, and they will tell it to six thousand people."

Ajeet Singh

Freelance Writer

Ajeet has done Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has extensive experience in community management, social media consultancy, child safety, and crisis management. 

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