How the Pandemic Brought About Expansion Possibilities for Clensta Puneet Gupta, CEO & Founder, Clensta, elaborates how the pandemic and the increased caution towards sanitation fuelled their business

By Akshit Pushkarna

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Puneet Gupta, CEO & Founder, Clensta

Maintaining hygiene in war torn areas where there is an acute water shortage is a major headache for defence personnel. Identifying business potential in the space of hygiene, Puneet Gupta, who was working as a Vice President for Defence and Space Manufacturing Company, TAK Technologies, in 2016, leapt into action. "We wanted to create one brand that we could go to for trusted products and information. Hence, the idea for Clensta was born. We launched India's first Innovative Homecare Solutions with Smart Concentrates that reduce single-use of plastic. Also, we have recently launched stress-free Innovative Personal Care Solutions infused with Red aloe vera," he said.

The company started by manufacturing and distributing Waterless Bathing Solutions in 2016. Getting the product up and running in the market served as a big challenge for Clensta at that time. "It became too challenging for us to educate our consumers about bathing without a shower due to a lack of communication and marketing practices. But over time, we learned those communications and strategies which results in increased market reachability, and also, we got more investments," he adds.

The company learnt their lessons in developing a market when they later launched their product the pigeon repellent. Gupta says the key component in ensuring an undisrupted flow of the product in the market was their efforts in ensuring an ease to educate consumers about the new and innovative product, resulting in greater visibility, reach, and growth.

Although the business was picking up at a steady pace, the pandemic brought a positive disruption, as health and hygiene became essential for the general populace. Gupta admits that they never planned on making Sanitizers or Covguard lotion in the past. Post-covid, due to the urgency or requirement, they developed those products with the best technologies like PAR and PAP.

Clensta launched two new products during this time and their business really got a boost from it. "We came up with India's first Innovative Homecare Solutions with smart concentrates that excel with their effective cleaning and sanitizing results along with cost-effective and environment-friendly properties. As we began with these two of the crucial parameters of Personal Hygiene and Homecare Solutions, our business performed excellently in the last two years. Launching those products proves to be one of the best decisions for the brand," Gupta describes.

Moving forth the company plans to introduce stress-free personal care solutions that will not only deal with specific skin/hair concerns but also uplifts your mind and mood regularly. So far, the company has launched around 10 personal care products and by 2022-2023, they plan to expand to a huge product portfolio for both Men and women.

1. Bestseller: Pigeon Repellent, Waterless Bathing, Under Eye

2. Total SKUs: 47

3. Team size: 27

4. New Customer: Repeat customer ratio – 87:13

5. Turnover for FY 2021-22: 33% growth from last financial year

6. Split between offline and online sales: 40% Online and 60% Offline

Akshit Pushkarna

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