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Enjoy Content? How to Find a Subscription That Offers the Best Experience For You The objective is to find a provider who offers content in areas of your specific interest, rather than bombarding you with large volumes of non-personalized material

By Maya Barkay

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When it comes to content, India is a service provider's dream. As one of the world's fastest growing markets for digital content and services consumption, the demand for content – both regional and international – is climbing at a rapid pace. The phenomenon has enticed numerous international and regional OTT players into the market – each with their own unique service offerings. Many are also seeing the advantages of partnering with local service providers, who already have a loyal and established customer base. But for the Indian consumer who isn't afraid to explore, there is a plethora of options from which to choose. So how do you select a subscription that meets your personal viewing preferences without paying for multiple services that serve up similar versions of the same offering?

Before you choose, consider the following:

Does it Offer Personalized and Quality Content?

One of the most important factors to consider is the service provider's ability to provide an experience based on quality of content – or more specifically, relevant content genres. The objective is to find a provider who offers content in areas of your specific interest, rather than bombarding you with large volumes of non-personalized material. It's therefore vital to consider how well each player understands your viewing preferences and recommends content accordingly.

What About the Ad Experience?

Advertising too is a key component of the content viewing experience. If you're not into ads, consider a subscription that lets you pay a premium to remove them altogether. Alternatively, go for a package that gives you content for less – or free – and receive a personalized ad experience in return.

Have They Invested in a Good User Platform?

Inconsistent platform performance equals a negative viewing experience. This is where an optimized interface adds value. From the very beginning of the sign-up process, you'll know if this is an area your provider has set as a priority. A good platform should be user-friendly and enable you to navigate through content simply and seamlessly. A hassle-free billing and payment experience also falls into this category.

Is it Within my Budget?

In a price-sensitive market such as India, how much you pay is one of the most important factors that consumers consider when subscribing to content. While most providers do their utmost to offer content at an affordable price point, different price brackets still exist. The best way to decide which subscription is right for you is to compare the various packages in terms of what you get for your money.

What Additional Services do They Offer?

The final factor to consider is the availability of add-on services. Examples include e-commerce platforms and prime (fast) delivery services. But some of the best value can be found with traditional telcos who partner with one or multiple OTTs to offer customized data plans, combined with an affordable OTT subscription. For example, Airtel has just launched a new prepaid bundle at ₹299 to offer 28 days of Amazon Prime membership along with 2.5GB data per day, unlimited calls to any network and 100 SMS per day.

Maya Barkay

Head of Customer Marketing, APAC at Amdocs

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