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Human Edge Raises Over $1.5 Mn Funding Led By Bharat Innovation Fund The company aims to streamline the platform for enterprise-wide mobile app experience and augment growth in international markets

By Soumya Duggal

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Dr. Marcus Ranney, founder and CEO, Human Edge

Human Edge, a longevity science company, has raised over $1.5 million in new equity financing. The investment was led by Bharat Innovation Fund, along with Lead Angels and Force Ventures and some angel investors from Singapore, USA, and India.

The investment will allow Human Edge to streamline their platform through its first enterprise-wide mobile app experience targeted directly at the white collar employees, said an official statement. Further, the company will scale up their sales in the international market by targeting global corporations, added the statement. Ashika Capital was an advisor to Human Edge in this process.

"The human body generates a tremendous amount of data, which if used effectively to modify our behaviour, can lead to a better quality of life. The proliferation of wearable devices means that we now have access to data. Human Edge's technology enables us to interpret that data effectively and provides each of us with a clear call to action on that data, to improve our metabolic health and overall well-being. We are delighted that our partnership with Human Edge helps us support Dr Marcus Ranney bring his pioneering work in high performance environments to a larger audience and provide clinically backed actionable insights to help improve lifestyles of people across the world," said Ashwin Raguraman, co-founder and partner, Bharat Innovation Fund.

"The simple focus of our efforts is on democratizing health by facilitating each of us to live at our most optimal self, moving beyond the more traditional disease focused outcomes. We, at Human Edge, chose to focus on energy as each of us would like to optimize our energy levels each day to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves," said Dr. Marcus Ranney, founder and CEO, Human Edge. The global biohacking market currently stands at over $15 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19 per cent.

Founded by healthcare advocate Dr. Ranney in late 2020, Human Edge approaches longevity via enhancing healthspan using lifestyle interventions based on science, deep data and technology. The company is building a proprietary platform for empowering its users to engage in daily "biohacks": small and actionable lifestyle-based modifications that focus on optimizing a person's energy levels towards meeting a specific health outcome.

These biohack "prescriptions'' are personalized based on a user sharing data with the Human Edge platform which is a combination of assessments, blood panels and real time digital streams from consumer tech wearables like the Oura ring, Abbott's Continuous Glucose Monitor, Apple Watch, Fitbit band and many more. This data is cumulated to generate a composite healthspan score, called the 'Human Edge Index'.

Soumya Duggal

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