India Has Become A Software Superpower, Says Brad Smith

During his last week's Indian visit, he also stated that most of the world trusts tech from India

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Brad Smith, president of Microsoft Corp., in an interaction with ET, has said that India has become a software superpower and is joining the ranks of the top 2 to 3 software companies in the world.

Brad Smith Twitter handle

"India has made an extraordinary leapfrog move digitally in the global economy. It has probably made about five years of digital progress in the last 24 months. India has long been one of the world's major sources of talent or the software field, a great creator of software IP. I think India is now well positioned to become one of the greatest data capitals of the world and double down on the status," said Smith, in a statement.

He also mentioned about the partnership of Microsoft with ONDC that, "I think ONDC is one of the greatest opportunities of India. The export of Indian IP is what happens every day. But the opportunity India has now is to take an entire software stack or multiple layers of it and begin to move that to other countries as well."

India's influence and contribution in the digital technology is commendable. The initiatives taken by the Indian government for the past years were also noteworthy.

"The thing I worry about the most around the world is when governments are trying to work so quickly, to move the laws forward together in so many fields, at the same time, that they don't have the opportunity to think through how to put the pieces together. That notion, that a government would pause, to think about how a privacy law should move with a better connection to other fields," said Smith.

On the grounds of this statement, as per recent reports, the government withdrew the Personal Protection Data Bill last month. It is also said that the Bill would be replaced by a comprehensive legal framework that will be formulated to address the contemporary and future challenges of the digital ecosystem.

Brad Smith was in India last week. During an interaction with TOI, he appreciated India's efforts to use the experience of the pandemic, not only to adapt and put technology to use to get through it, but also to leapfrog much of the rest of the world. He also stated that most of the world trusts tech from India.