Instagram To Introduce A New AI Friend Feature The photo and video platform Instagram owned by Meta seems to be testing a new feature called 'AI friend' that lets users make their very own customizable AI-powered imaginary friend.

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The photo and video platform Instagram owned by Meta seems to be testing a new feature called 'AI friend' that lets users make their very own customisable AI-powered imaginary friend.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a web developer infamous for digging out new features on apps recently posted on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram's AI friend will be able to "answer questions, brainstorm ideas and talk through any challenges." In the images shared by Paluzzi, it looks like users will be able to customise various aspects of their AI friend like gender and age. For example, the AI can be female, male or non-binary and you can choose if they are 'young', 'adult' or 'elderly'.

The customisable parameters in the AI Friend feature include choosing ethnicity, personality traits and interests. Once the user is done with the customisations, Instagram will let them name the AI friends and choose an avatar for them. However, it is still unclear which AI tools Instagram will use to power the 'AI friend' feature. Moreover, it is unknown if and when Meta plans to release the new feature.

While AI friends can sound fun, there are some dangers associated with AI-powered chatbots. Earlier this year, Snapchat unveiled 'My AI', which functions similarly to Instagram's AI friend feature and lets users get help on a wide range of topics like lenses to use, places to visit and more. But a few days later, My AI received a massive backlash after it was reportedly advising minors inappropriately on topics.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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