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Need a Recharge? It Will Burn a Bigger Hole in Your Purse As Jio & Airtel Hike Prices Reliance Jio and Airtel have increased their tariff plans starting today. The change in pricing of monthly, quarterly, and annual plans will affect all the users of the company.

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Jio and Airtel on X

Telecommunication mammoths, Reliance Jio and Airtel, have come out with revised plans for their existing tariffs which will come into effect starting today. With an enormous number of subscribers for each company, the scale of affect users in millions. The change in price is for the data packs, impacting prepaid and postpaid users. However, both telecom giants will continue to offer their monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.

Airtel has revamped its pricing strategy, rolling out refreshed plans that strike a balance between affordability and benefits. The telecommunications giant has overhauled some of its most popular prepaid plans, offering customers a more compelling value proposition. The revised plans are designed to provide enhanced services while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. With more and more people connecting with the internet and smartphone sales skyrocketing, there is little to no doubt that customers will pay the said prices to continue their seamless scrolling on the internet.

A long time coming

As reported by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), India had 1.14 billion wireless subscribers at the end of the 2023 fiscal year. Jio held a commanding 39 per cent of this market, with an average of 447 million wireless subscribers. Airtel trailed with 30 per cent, averaging 339 million subscribers, while Vodafone maintained a subscriber base of 223 million.

The telecom industry is poised for a significant growth spur, driven by the increasing adoption of 5G technology. A recent report by Ericsson, a leading player in the telecom space, has shed light on the remarkable progress of 5G in India. As of 2023, the country had already witnessed a substantial 119 million 5G subscriptions, translating to a notable 10 per cent penetration rate. Looking ahead, the report predicts a remarkable surge, with 5G subscriptions expected to soar to approximately 840 million by 2029, accounting for a dominant 65 per cent share of all mobile subscriptions in the region. Read more.

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