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A global video networking site, through Indi you can share videos and connect with artists, celebrities and brands.

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A new video social networking site is paving its way into India market. All ready to launch in India, the website goes by the name and has the actor Anil Kapoor on board as investor who has already invested an undisclosed amount in the site, says a report in Economic Times. The site will be launched on April 28.

A global video social networking site, allows individuals and companies to create and monetise content by sharing videos while integrating multiple social networks. Fans, supporters and aspiring artists can share their videos online and connect with artists, retailers, NGOs, celebrities and individuals on the platform.

Kapoor is joined by duo Divyansh Bajpai, former managing partner at Nova Travel, and Shikha Uberoi, former Indian American professional tennis player as investors.

Also the brand ambassador for the website, Anil Kapoor said, "Indi is my way of giving back to India and paying forward all the opportunities my country has given me. I believe in the ideal of Indi as a way of empowering the next generation of talented individuals to let their voices be heard." However, Anil just planned to back the product as an investor, it was after listening to the whole plan that he agreed to be the face of Indi too. A commercial has also been shot which can be viewed here. was officially launched in US in 2013 after being started by ecommerce veterans Neel Grover and Greg Giraudi in South California in 2012. Associated with, and, both founders see great potential in India because of its youth population and high mobile Internet users. Realising that in India there lacks a medium where one can just showcase their talent to the big names in their respective industry, Grover, global CEO at, expects to see a large number of budding talent coming with the help of Indi.

"Indi is all about videos and discovery of talent," Grover said. "Our platform is all about engagement and India has over 600 million consumers with smart phones and a large young user base. Given that 4G is going to change the dynamics here, I think it is the right time for us to launch in India."

Grover said Indi's video platform is supported by advanced inbuilt ecommerce capabilities and reaches out to senior level management of Fortune 500 companies, top media brands and celebrities, flaunting world-renowned investors. He declined to provide subscriber numbers.

On the business model, Grover said Indi will launch with an open platform, allowing companies to start their own channels.

The platform will be ad-supported, with channel owners getting 70% of the revenue and Indi the remainder. "Apart from advertising, we may also have premium model for brands and ecommerce in future," he said.

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