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Bag Yourself Gold with your Online Jewellery Store in 2019 The most essential things that you need to know about the segment

By Rajal Barbhaya

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Online jewellery market is estimated to capture 10per cent of the market by 2020. There have always been challenges in any industry when the market shifted towards eCommerce. With jewellery, the challenges were even bigger as it is a high ticket item. There were multiple factors that delayed the development of the online jewellery market, partly because they had not been explored completely and partly because of improper execution. By using the advanced technologies and changing customer preferences to your favour, you can bag yourself gold with your online jewellery store.

Top-notch Customer Services

While purchasing jewellery online, there is a trail of questions consumers have in spite of the details mentioned on the page. Because jewellery is a luxury, they want to feel assured and secured about their purchases. This can be done when they converse in person. Most online jewellery websites do not provide live support. Live support in case of jewellery store makes a huge difference, either by costing you or by earning your sales.

So, first things first, make it easy for them to reach you by minimizing the number of actions they need to take and be available all the time. Once they converse, it will give them a sense of satisfaction and surety. So along with a website, a sales team with clear and fluent communication skills, with the know-how of the products on your store as well as the services that you provide is a requisite. To a sense of belongingness, you can always opt for the feedbacks and after-sales services.

Social Media Marketing: An Essential

Okay, this is a no brainer. Social media is currently the best place to market and even better, most prominent social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter enable you to manage separate business accounts making social media marketing easier. But social media demands consistency so you need to ensure that you keep on updating your profile on regular basis. When we say consistency, it does not just mean posting images daily to be active. You need to engage your customers by strategizing and then update the posts accordingly and keep a check on the consumer insights so you can determine to take the next step. With your posts, you can attach links and actionable CTA's leading the customers directly to your official website.

One noteworthy thing about the jewellery industry is that it is an appealing product. With social media, you can best represent your products to the consumers by adding clear product images with multiple and 360-degree videos. These images and videos will give customer about the intricacies of any jewellery. Because social media is a platform to share great content and images, you can take all the advantage you want to.

Testimonials Have Their Own Share:

For a product like jewellery, building trust among the customers is a must. Because the online jewellery market is in the initial phase of development, customers who are beginning to shop jewellery online need some sort of affirmation about their buying decision and other customers' reviews have a share in that.

Foremost thing about asking for reviews is making it easy for them to review because they will do it only if gets done in minimum steps. Just like customers services, you need to be there to respond to your customers' reviews all the time conveying that your brand cares for them and that they are important. Also, you need to give them some proof in order to inculcate confidence in them about your brand and that will happen when you post your customers' honest and unedited reviews on important pages like:

  • Product page

  • Promotional emails you send to them

  • Shopping cart and checkout

  • Social media Posts

  • Google Ads

This is simple and clear and the jewellers know it but somehow, the execution is missing. These are what form a customers' journey of purchases so as a seller, you need to take note of these tiny but significant things while selling jewellery online.

Rank Better with Search Engine Optimization:

In 2019, Search Engines are advancing at a pace faster than ever before and they have advanced for providing customers with the exact and maybe better results of their searches. SEO will be all about best and quality content. But before you start with making your site SEO optimized, you need to strategize keeping your customer in focus. Say,

  • What are the keywords my audience will use?

  • What type of content do they prefer to read?

  • What are the competitors doing and what's working for them?

Once you figure out points like these, you will get clarity and better ideas will pop up in your head. While working for an online jewellery store, a few essentials :

  1. Well-optimized category pages according to what people are looking and a category description.

  2. Keyword optimized product names and product descriptions (Yes, they are a must)

  3. A blog which is updated regularly with the latest fashion trends and how-tos about Jewelry.

Pro Tip: Product categories will be substantial while designing a page because you can directly target a number of keywords and make your store rank. More detailed the categorization, more the possibility of appearing in the search results.

Additionally, you always need to keep a check on the basics like optimizing website loading speed, mobile responsive design, internal linking, and other technical works.


Online Jewelry market is a big piece of cake yet to be shared. The opportunity is growing but not everyone is able to make it. It has its own set of problems and solutions too. You can make the most out of your jewellery store by carrying out these activities consistently and keeping a check on them. If you already have an online store which brings in traffic but no revenue, there lies some problem with your store. Talk to your customers, find out what they need and take actions accordingly.

Rajal Barbhaya

eCommerce Analyst, Emipro Technologies

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