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Simple Ways of Avoiding Procrastination All the chalked out plans, routes marvel into the dust when they encounter the "tomorrow land".

By Aashika Jain

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No matter how much ever infused with motivation are you from the beginning of the night the following day brings nothing more than procrastination. All the chalked out plans, routes marvel into the dust when they encounter the "tomorrow land". "Tomorrow" – a fancy place where we dump all our future plans only to find that tomorrow never comes and it never will either.

But, we are already accustomed to spoil are today. We are grooved to make fancy plans, but never execute them as such. However, this is an unhealthy habit that you better pluck out as soon as you can.

Here are several listed ways in which you can prevent procrastination from playing a soil sport to your meticulous plans.

  • To-do list – As old as the beginning of this universe to-do list is an exercise that keeps on reminding you about your pending work, giving you a gleeful experience as you strike off the accomplished tasks of the day. As soon as you wake up in the morning and begin to think about tasks start preparing the list. This helps you remember the task and keep your alarmed.
  • Embrace fear – Fear is portrayed negatively all this while, however, you can certainly trick your brain and turn it in your favor. Embrace the fear of failure, losing out, missing deadlines, not acquiring the project or leaving the task incomplete. This fear shall work as a driving force to your work. In fact, if you are afraid of certain things such as pending work, incomplete activities and so on, it would come handy in the long term.
  • Talk and reward – Try to differentiate yourself from the personality that procrastinates. Talk to yourself about thisbad habit and make sure that you listen. This is the hack of controlling your brain and tricking it into listening to you. Whenever you accomplish a task before the deadline meets you, reward yourself similarly reverse the effect when you miss out on the deadline due to procrastination.
  • Break it up – You can engulf an entire plate of rice, even if you are horrifically hungry. Being a procrastinator do not be harsh on yourself by making yourself do everything at once. Break your tasks intosmaller tasks and do not forget to take breaks in between. Breaking one vital task into a few smaller ones encourages you and makes sure that it is accomplished on time.

  • Create a workable space – Creating a workable space is vital. Often the mundane environment and monotony of the work makes you procrastinate a lot more than usual. Hence, try setting up a work table or decorate the place if you already have one. You can even choose a corner to work.

  • Set deadlines – Being a little strict on yourself would be helpful for sure. Whichever tasks you decide to pick up set deadlines for it. Setting up the deadlines would keep you on your toes. Also, make sure that you are determined enough to actually finish the work within the stipulated time frame.
  • Eliminate the disturbance – there are several things that cause disturbance leading you to procrastinate more. Your job is to figure those things out, it could be your kindle, Facebook or anything as simple as your bed. Make it a priority point to eliminate the substances that cause disturbance.

  • Choose people wisely – you are more likely to get this habit out of your system if you stay with active people. Choose the people who are enthusiastic, energetic and active. Being a procrastinator it is highly significant for you to not to hang around with the ones who procrastinate.

  • Keep a track – do not let go all the hard work in vain. Share it with someone who cares. Keeping a track on your progress would become your point of encouragement. You can also occasionally discuss it with your friends and analyse whatever you have managed to conquer on your own. Being a CEO of mobile app development company, I would definitely make a better use of this factor.

  • Plan it out – Planning I important in this process. Prioritise your work and see the maximum productivity time of yours. If there is a super boring task lined up do it in the most productive hours similarly for the tasks that are easier or interesting keep the time that is most unproductive of the day.

You wouldn't be able to gauge the results merely in few days because this is an ongoing process that requires persistence perseveres. Keep these pointers in mind and hold on to it with a strong sense of willingness. Remember, you cannot achieve any goal if your willingness fails to rule you.

Aashika Jain

Entrepreneur Staff

Former Associate Editor, Entrepreneur India

Journalist in the making since 2006! My fastest fingers have worked for India's business news channel CNBC-TV18, global news wire Thomson Reuters, the digital arm of India’s biggest newspaper The Economic Times and Entrepreneur India as the Digital Head. 
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