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Tips To Keep Yourself Mentally Fit In This Time of Pandemic Here are some of the simple tips to keep yourself mentally fit and healthy while staying home during these unprecedented times.

By Rohit Pugalia

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Mental fitness refers to the psychosocial wellbeing, which means creating positivity in the way we feel, think, learn and act. Mental fitness is an umbrella concept which includes factors such as emotional safety that helps one to face and cope up with various situations and problems. Developing a fit mentality especially in times of a pandemic is essential for your wellbeing as it has an immediate effect on your physical fitness. Mental fitness is about an individual's resilience, balance, self-actualization and ability to enjoy life. Here are some of the simple tips to keep yourself mentally fit and healthy while staying home during these unprecedented times.

Eat Healthy

Our stomach has a significant influence on our mental health. Eating the right things at the right time is one of the best practices to keep our self mentally fit. Research clearly indicates that certain foods can boost our brain power and help us stay mentally healthy. Eating nutritious and wholesome food those rich in Omega 6 fatty acids at the right time is extremely important, like a bowl of granola with milk and fruits or poha/idli for breakfast. Replace your unhealthy 4 pm snacks with healthier alternatives. Proper nutrition is a key component of a healthy life. Consuming food rich in vitamin B like green leafy vegetables, dry fruits and dairy products is essential for our brain regulators.

Take up a Hobby

It's often difficult to take out some time for ourselves and indulge into activities that help us gain happiness. But having a hobby and cultivating a regular practice to work on the hobby is a tool to keep oneself mentally healthy. Hobbies are the best way that keeps us distracted from the normal hectic routine. Developing new hobbies by staying at home and investing time in them will help reduce stress, low moods and depression at times. Spending time on such activities can thereby improve our mental health and wellbeing.

Set a Routine

Setting a right and a healthy routine is as important as having a clear vision or goal in life. Routines can be set or incorporated at different levels be it on the personal or professional fronts. Indulge yourself in mindful activities like meditation for at least 15-20 min in a day or just play a 10 tasks challenge game with your family and find ways to include distant family as well. Studies say that people who usually tend to follow a routine and who favor an active daytime routine over a nighttime have healthier sleeping cycles which helps to remain mentally fit and healthy.

Regular Exercise

Following regular exercise pattern for at least 30 minutes in a day not only helps physical health but also mental health. As exercise generates oxygen and chemicals in the brain, that improves our mood flow and also helps the parts of the brain which are responsible for learning and memory. Exercising at home can be simple as there are number of options available today for most ages and abilities, including yoga videos or workout application, that can help one stay fit physically and mentally.

Practice Gratitude

This is not the easiest thing to do in these times, particularly when the effects of the pandemic has been hit on one's job or business or in kind of illness. But practicing gratitude for the things we do, has shown its results to be hugely beneficial to our mental health. Start the day with a simple chant or prayer as Boredom is a kind of luxury that is not been experienced or is not affordable by all. At such times you can set up a "buddy group" with family or friends. That way, one can offer support to anyone struggling for help or to reach out to others thereby providing them with hands of help is the best possible way you can.

Take out time to relax yourself

It's important to understand and be kind to yourself and recognize when you need to relax and take a break from work. Having a great work life balance is important. It's best to fix relaxation breaks in the day or in week which can also help you to indulge in other activities. Give yourself a break from social media and use tools like Screen Time to manage your social media usage and be cautious about fake news and thereby reduce stress. Take the time to seek out accounts that help your mental well-being to counteract the stress of social media and other negative forces.

Rohit Pugalia

Founder & CEO, Munchilicious Granola

Rohit Pugalia is the founder & chief executive officer of Munchilicious Granola, a SOCH Foods LLP product.

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