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3 Social Media Mistakes Brands Must Avoid in 2021 Two thousand twenty has changed the digital world. Brandon Mimms tells us how to prevent these mistakes in 2021

By Prabhjeet Bhatla

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Brandon Mimms
Brandon Mimms

As the world faced lockdowns, people restricted themselves to the four walls of their homes, increasing the amount of time they were spending on social media platforms and behind their screens, but this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Social media kept the world connected when the harsh reality of the new normal kept everyone physically apart. This magnanimous increase in screen-time presented brands and organizations an opportunity to connect with their audiences like never before. As we look towards 2021, we must understand that 2020 has changed how we will do business forever. Clearly, there are no effective marketing strategies without social media going forward.

In researching the landscape ahead for social media, I spoke with entrepreneur and social media expert Brandon Mimms. Brandon has built over 10 million followers combined across various pages on Instagram, including @USA, @SantaClaus, @Shoes, @NiagaraFalls, and others.

"Understanding social media is all about knowing your followers," says Brandon. "What do they want to see? What are they passionate about? Ask yourself these questions and prepare accordingly." People are more diverse and culturally aware in this digital age. Audiences today look for brands who are active on social media and engage in real-time. Brandon shares the top three social media mistakes brands must avoid in 2021 in order to build a strong social presence.

Not scheduling your content

If you don't schedule something, it probably won't happen on time. Our days can get busy, and the last thing you want is for your social media pages to go silent because you have no idea what you will post. "Sit down and make a content calendar and stick to it," says Brandon. "Thoughtful content takes work and creativity. If you want to attract followers and increase your business, it's all about consistency." Brandon advises that you sit down with your creative team and make a polished content schedule that drives conversation and engagement.

Ignoring your followers

Posting consistently is not enough. You have to set aside the time to respond, like, and comment back to your followers. "No one wants to feel like they are being ignored, and that is the same for your followers," explains Brandon. "If people are talking and engaging with you, you have to respond. Not only will the silence turn followers away, but it could also cost you in potential sales."

Social media isn't just about marketing; it's also about customer service, so ensure that your pages roll out the red carpet for anyone interested to strike a conversation.

Staying silent on important issues

Millennials and Generation Z, in particular, are changing the way we look at social issues and activism. They are the most ethnically diverse generation and view the changes society is going through as a good thing. "2020 brought with it a lot of unrest and difficult conversations but what Millennials and Generation Z have proved is they are going to align themselves with companies that care," states Brandon.

"Whether it's poverty, human rights, the environment, followers are going to take your silence as an assault on the future. If it is something your followers care about, you probably should too."

There is no end to the prevalence social media will play in our business strategies going forward. No one doubts that but 2020 proved to us that the medium is continuously evolving, and we have to raise the bar on how we approach it. As we shift from more traditional channels and move into social media, we have to consider the interaction platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok require. Keeping these three points at the forefront of your mind can help you prevent a social media debacle in the new year.

Prabhjeet Bhatla

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