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From a Vlogger to an Influencer: This 24-year-old Knows How to Generate Revenue from YouTube Quirky fitness mantras to tips on how to build your abs and reduce your carbs – Ranveer Allahbadia is known for his fitness expert views and posts on YouTube

By Komal Nathani

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When three years ago Ranveer Allahabadia tossed an idea to start a YouTube channel on fitness and cooking - his two diehard passions of life – he had no support of family. But today Allahabadia is infamous for the weight loss of many celebs and people from world around.


From quirky fitness mantras to tips on how to build your abs and reduce your carbs – Ranveer Allahbadia is known for his fitness expert views and posts on YouTube, who has more than one million subscribers on board.


In a chat with Entrepreneur India in the 2018 Indian Salon and Wellness Congress, Allahbadia gave an account of how to strategize content on social media platforms to earn revenues from it.


Take a look at the excerpt of his interview.

How do you strategize your content?

My rule number one is you should have fun while doing content like you are because it requires a lot of creative energy. So first and foremost you should be enjoying it because there is lot of working coming in your way, if you are going to choose this field. So first, enjoy this process. Second, whatever you are doing putting out make sure that adds value to someone's life. So whether you are entertaining people through your comedy sketcher or whatever you're behavioural sketchers and all that entertain them. Make sure that they are giving you, the eye balls they are giving you, the time they are giving to your channel or video content piece add some value to them. Entertains them educates them, motivates them and then they can leave the channel. That's when your YouTube channel or your social medial handle will actually grow.

It has been three years since you have joined YouTube, what changes you have seen over these three years in blogging on YouTube?

When I was starting, it was not really a good career choice. People didn't know what I was doing. My parents have kind of understood now in 2018. It took them three years to figure out that he goes to the office there is a team working with him, so there is some kind of money involved but earlier no one knew what YouTuber was, they didn't know that Google actually pays you to create videos and that brands use YouTube and social media as a market platform. So that's changing. People are learning more about this career choice and lot of people are taking up this particular career. I do believe that we have just seen a small portion when it comes to the influence of this profession. Over the next ten twenty years there is going to be probably thousand more influencers than there are already. So yeah that's the big change.

Do you have any backup plan if you were not a YouTuber, what would you be?

I have started my digital marketing company as a side business. YouTube is the primary game but I am also running influencer management and a digital marketing company. So we help both the influencers manage their brand deals as well as brands execute on their social media campaigns with influencers. So working primarily with YouTube but at least for the next four to five years I see myself doing a lot of video content because that's what I am enjoying right now.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years, I want to start multiple businesses. We are already in the process of launching a bunch of things. I love YouTube and probably be doing videos for another five to ten years. I don't know how long exactly. I'll be able to achieve something in video content. I don't know whether I will be on YouTube or facebook or some other video platform, but video content and businesses is the part of the game. So I will be using my YouTube and video content as the part of Launchpad for other businesses.

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