RJ Naved On The Kapil Sharma Show, Pranks And Future Projects

One of India's top rated radio jockeys, RJ Naved became a household name in India after running his show on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, now known as Mirchi.

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One of India's top rated radio jockeys, RJ Naved became a household name in India after running his show on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, now known as Mirchi. He came to be known as Dilli Ka Don and Mirchi Munda through his hit shows and ended up winning awards from various prestigious institutions, such as IRF Award, Best Sparkler Award, National Television Award for 2G Golden Mike, Indian Icon Award and many more. With over 7.6 million followers on Facebook and 1.4 million followers on Instagram, he has a huge online community.

Photo Courtesy: RJ Naved
RJ Naved

Naved's radio journey started in 2004 when he won the RJ hunt. Before that he used to work at a call centre and wanted that more people should be listening to him when he speaks. He began with a programme called Dr Love where he would talk to people about their relationship issues.

In February 2017, he took a break from his show for about six months and went on to explore the television industry by joining The Kapil Sharma Show. Also, in April 2017, Naved featured in an episode on Discovery (India) for the show India's Best Jobs. "It was a great experience doing the show with Kapil Sharma. I used to do a character long ago on radio, when I would pose as someone who had seen an ad on a matrimonial website and said to the guy, "Beta aap humei bilkul pasand nahi aayei." Kapil wanted to copy this character and had called me up for the same. On the show, instead of doing the same character, I played an old neighbour of Kapil, since he was already playing that original character well, and it was a great experience," Naved told us.

Being an RJ and an influencer, he gets all sorts of reactions from people on the street who recognize him. "The most amazing one was in Dubai when some Indians and Pakistanis were clicking photos with me. An individual from a third coun[1]try came and also clicked a photograph, although he didn't know who I was. I found this hilarious. Another thing which I find interesting is when someone is 10 feet away from me, isn't saying anything, but just by looking at him I can understanding he's trying to ask me that its RJ Naved standing near him or not," shared Naved.

Currently Naved has a tight work schedule as he's with Mirchi as a consultant now and has started his own company called Purple Wings. And what can we look forward to from him? "I am going to be starting a talk show which will not only have celebrities but also other interesting personalities from India," he says, signing off.

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