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#4 Lesser Known Facebook Advertising Techniques For Higher ROI Unfortunately most marketers struggle to effectively market using Facebook ads

By Nitesh Sharma

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We cannot deny the fact that Facebook is an ineluctable marketing tool in most of the cases, but how we are using it is the key to success; unfortunately most marketers struggle to effectively market using Facebook ads. If you want to know the secret that trainers are selling for hundreds of dollars on Internet and making millions out of it, then this article is the right place for you to know.

If you have done Facebook ads in past then you must know that one thing which is the key to success - right 'Audience'. Here are some ways to create a good audience or reach out to the right for your product in a right way:

Tripwire Marketing

A tripwire is a small part of your core offering or service that you can give for a very low price and not for direct profit. For example: if you make guitars then you can sell a set of interesting guitar picks for just $2. So to proceed with that, you need to pen down a few things:

1. What is your target group?

Like music enthusiasts, rock band guitarists etc.

2. What is your Core product or service?

This will be your most profitable, high valued and high priced product or service

3. What concept will you use as a lead magnet?

A concept associated with the problem that your product is solving, followed by a free video training or downloadable PDF that can capture leads.

4. What will be your Tripwire?

An irresistible offer for very low price.

Here is how to execute this strategy:

Create Facebook ads to capture leads by giving something irresistible for free; it should be beneficial for your target group.

Those who click on your ad should be taken to a landing page created with a few funnel steps; you can also create landing pages using platforms like Clickfunnels or Lead pages.

Once your users reach the landing page, they must be shown a very clear call to action for filling the form to receive the downloadable PDF or video tutorial.

After the form submission user should be redirected to another page with thanks message and your tripwire offering.

If the user adds your tripwire to cart, then he/she should lead to a new page with your core offer and here you can end the funnel or add more steps to it after the completion of payment.

At any step you can also send an automated mail to your subscribers using bulk mailing platforms like mailerlite or mail chimp for follow up and re-engagement. For example: if visitors have purchased your tripwire but not your core offer, then you can follow up those users by shooting a mail to them.

The biggest benefit of this strategy is that you are able to change the relationship of a general visitor to a customer and also to pay your ad campaign for itself through your Tripwire.

Custom Audience:

If you have an email or mobile no. database of your existing customers, then there is a great opportunity to target them on Facebook through ads. Here is all you need to do: Go to the Audiences tab in Adverts Manager, Click the Create Audience button, select the Custom Audience option, then choose Customer List, Upload the CSV or TXT file list or simply copy paste the data, your Custom Audience will be ready in about 30 minutes. Now while creating ads, you can choose this audience and show ads to them. Generally the conversion rate is seen dramatically better than generic interest based campaigns.

Lookalike Audience:

If your customer list/custom audience is working well for you, then you can scale your advertising performance by creating a lookalike audience from your custom audience. This lookalike audience is the sweet spot of and the kind of audience you always wanted to reach out. To create lookalike audience, Go to your Audiences, Click the Create Audience dropdown and select Lookalike Audience, in the end select the target country and source. Your Audience will be ready in a few minutes

Video Remarketing:

If you are planning to promote a video series or a film, then this strategy is the key to success. Remarketing is one of the most proven techniques for good ROI and Facebook allows you to do remarketing by targeting the viewers of your videos. All you need to do is to Create Custom Audience of the people who viewed 75%/95%/100% of your video and select this audience while creating ads.

These are not the only methods to reach out your target group using facebook ads, neither have they ensured 100% success but these methods have shown high ROI in many cases. You can make a place for these strategies in your testing process and figure out yourself that which type of technique works for you.

Nitesh Sharma

Passionate marketer


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